Treat yo self achievement

Hi i need to know if this achievement can be earned doing a part with a character then continue doing with another character i mean it couts if extract some items with my main character and later use another character or i need to do all the 100 items extractions with the first character that i used to play arms race

Depends on the platform, but for safety do it with one character.
On what platform you are?


Thanks for your reply does i need to do it with the first character that i played arms race?

Can’t say for sure, but my guess would be you need to do it with 1 character. Doesn’t have to be the 1st, just need to extract 100 items with 1 character.

I could be wrong, just guessing.

On some characters I have about 10% completion of the achievement and then on others it shows 0% so I think it all has to be on the same one. Not positive just a guess. I’m on Xbox

Just got it yesterday i think that actually extractions with another character counts because i did some as 10 runs maybe less til get the achievement

I did maybe 5 runs with a zane (for the first time to get all another arms race achievements) after that did maybe another 5 runs with a fl4k just chillin (didnt extract so much items) and the last maybe 10 runs with another zane (extracting the more items that i can the most of them were whites)