Trespasser plus Reaper?

Quick thought I had that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere (to my knowledge, huge forum of course) but has anyone looked at Maya using the Trespasser sniper rifle in conjunction with her Reaper skill?

Reaper still deals enhanced damage to shielded enemies down to their 50% health line, but does it factor in the shields as part of the health total or does it not register the shields at all in enemy health calculation? If so, would the Trespasser ignoring shields maintain the extended Reaper boost or simply make it negligible?

Zer0’s skill “Killing bl0w” (the one that deals massive melee damage on enemies under 30% health) works on enemies with full shield, so I would guess that Maya doesn’t get the bonus from Reaper with shielded enemies under 50% health. I could be wrong, though. You will probably have to test it or wait for someone that knows it better.

Only health is considered, so there is no exploit here. Nice try though :wink:

Only health and the Trespasser ignores any energy shield that has its own bar alongside the enemy’s health bar.

Guess that answers that then. Kinda hoped it’d make end up a more viable option for her, much as I love the Pimpernel she could do with a good non-element sniper.

She’s really good with muckamuck, skullmasher, non elemental sloth or lyuda


I tried her with Skullmasher but I didn’t like the numbers I was getting off of her with them, even on slagged targets, and I haven’t managed a good Lyuda drop or chest anywhere yet. Ideally I’d like something that synergized with her skill builds, but beyond element/Reaper proccing with Pimpernels I haven’t had much luck.

If there is one character that gets a lot out of Dahl snipers, it’s Maya, phaselock helping.

The Sloth is a great pick for her.
I personally prefer a purple Terror, but that’s me :slight_smile:

The Buffalo is a very good weapon on her and if you become well versed with it so is the Elephant Rifle. Both sniper rifles do a lot more damage than most, if not all, other non-elemental sniper rifles. I used the Buffalo quite a bit on Maya when I didn’t feel like using the Unforgiven.

I did use the Buffalo with her on TVHM and the damage was decent, but my accuracy sans scope is pretty sucky at longer ranges. Any thoughts on the Godfinger or Hawk Eye? I haven’t landed either of them on any character yet. And not to bring down the Jakobs love or anything but what about OP leveled NE Invader or Morningstar? Are either of those worth the trouble of getting?

Godfinger is an okay sniper rifle but you have to avoid Accelerate altogether. If you don’t it will take an absurd distance to get the max damage which is already significant without any sort of bullet speed enhancing skill. If you can be far enough away for all the bullets to spawn the Godfinger is hands down the most powerful NE sniper rifle in the game.

The Hawk Eye is actually a really good sniper rifle with how accurate it is and mild recoil. The downside to the Hawk Eye is that it is outclassed by Muckamucks, the Buffalo, the Elephant Gun, and it can eat through ammunition faster than most other Jakobs sniper rifles especially if you fail to get head shots.

As for the Invader and Morning Star I am not familiar with them enough to recommend or shoot them down.

If you want to stick with Jakobs you might want to try the Cobra which is a decent sniper rifle but becomes a bit of a monster if you have an explosive relic; it surpasses the Buffalo in terms of damage against slagged enemies. Problem is trying to get one and that you need an explosive relic to get the most out of it. Otherwise a good quality Muckamuck with matching parts will out damage the Cobra.

I still recommend the Buffalo as even in the OP levels it can hold its own even if it takes some getting used to. Anymore I prefer my sniper rifles without a scope than with one.

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Hawkeye is good if you don’t miss your crits. It’s a fun challenge. I personally enjoyed the Klook Muckamuck with respect to the more traditional handling sniper rifles.

Forgot to mention that the Sloth is very good but go with a Hyperion stock as it will limit your burst to 3 shot burst rather than 4 shot burst with the Dahl stock which I found to be overkill.

Mayas good with alot of snipers. Shes just damn good with everything in general.

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Maya doesn’t have a ton of skills that are weapon specific, most are very neutral and that is a strength of hers.

How ever there are a few

Reaper can boost splash damage and since it comes after crit is plays nice with high crit guns.
Here is a thread about which guns with splash get it on the splash as well

Chain Reaction likes guns with splits, unlisted pellets and penetration
Here is a thread listing the guns with these qualities

Restoration likes guns with large AOE’s and penetration. The Chain reaction guide shows penetration guns.

Lastly guns with Large AOE play nice on her since she is so good at grouping up enemies. So Launchers, Slowhand, Swordsplosion, etc… Sadly a lot of these guns don’t get reaper or chain reaction.

I hope all that helps.

Thanks for the replies, always helps.