Trial Bosses As The Dedicated Loot Source For Legendary Class Mods is Bad Design: Here is Why

I’m just glad people are discussing. Keeping this thread relevant will let the developers see it. 40 likes is the most I’ve seen on a post

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Off topic but rakk attack anoint is and always has been a gun-specific anointment. It affects the damage of the gun it is on, it will not increase damage from other sources like grenades, melee, or your teammates. It is multiplicative to most of FL4K’s damage increases but it does not turn rakks into kunai.

The 100% when hit by rakk attack is affected by all sources of damage, and always has been. It debuffs the enemy specifically, and counts with teammate damage as well.

Not the ‘after casting rakk’ the ‘when hit by rakk’.

I have personally tested and seen that it does not affect FL4K’s melee damage, FL4K’s grenade damage, and teammate’s gun damage or teammate’s melee damage. All testing was done on Xbox one within the last two days. Coop was tested with split screen, two level 50 characters no skill points. I did not technically test teammate’s grenade damage or any DOT damage, or mess around with swapping weapons. demonite’s video about FL4K’s multiplicative damage boosts covered this anointment, although it was several updates ago, and he also found it to be a gun specific anointment.

If you have tested this anointment and gotten different results I would love to hear it. I have been working on the math of the new element anoints as well as some of the ones we have had since launch, and how they interact with FL4K’s skills. It’s kind of a pain

I don’t have any recent tests (since several patches) so I’ll not argue the point at this time.

If you have video of your tests however I would love to see them, just for confirmation.

just wanted to say that I’ve made a link on the hotfix thread regarding this topic

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Alright. So I’m not the one seeing the damage numbers. Not exactly scientific, but since you didn’t provide any evidence. I will show some. To me, this is quite visually obvious. So I’m once again ready to argue the point. Unless you have some other proof you can provide.

I’m going to stick with the 100% damage on enemy hit by rakk attack anoint, affects teammate damage. (and all sources).

The teammate doing the shooting reports number increases.

They also tested on Kevin’s and the Dummy with the same results.

Test it yourself. It is straightforward, just be wary that the anoint does not work on the target dummy. It does work on technicals, or any enemy. Any gun with the anointment and then a melee strike is a easy way to see. Or any gun and swapping weapons. I would be shocked if you see anything different than me

I have tested these aspects of this anointment in multiple settings:

  • it lasts about 10 seconds
  • it is multiplicative in the way demonite outlines in his video, what he calls V2, so multiplicative to everything except Deadeye class mod, Hidden Machine, and Hunter’s Eye damage
  • it does not affect any non-gun sources of damage or teammate’s damage, but it does end up increasing the damage added by grenade & shield 50% elemental anointments, due to the way they are calculated.
  • it will persist for guns with the rakk attack anointment for its whole duration. You can swap to another gun and then back and the buff will be there, or to a second Rakk-anointed gun and the damage will be affected on that 2nd gun as well

An interesting question related to this last point is whether the game distinguishes between different FL4K’s. If I hold a gun with a rakk attack anointment, and cast rakks, will that affect the damage of another FL4K holding a rakk attack anointed gun? I did not test this scenario

I am not necessarily opposed to recording or screenshotting something but I’ve never done it before so I would have to set a couple things up probably

It’s so stupid how hard it is to get Fl4k’s mod I’ve been grinding the trials for almost a week now with no luck I’ve gotten everyone else’s mods but Fl4k is my favorite character the drop chance is so low and this is making me hate this game 100%


What platform you playing on?

are you referring to me my good sir?


Actually I was referring to jamesangel143. I’ve got two Flak Rakk Pak mods. I’m only using one. But I’m on the PC. If he is too then I’ll gift him the other.

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I also agree with him. It is unbearable to know i have to go and farm a trial for 30 minutes to not even get what I was farming for. @Noelle_GBX. Please as a developer look into this. You guys have been doing such a great job, and We appreciate you for that! Please take a moment and just read over @akiltheawesome thread or post.


Trial and slaughter bosses got a loot drop boost today via hotfix.

Which only means that they’ve been boosted to regular boss levels, which is still less than 3% chance of getting the item you want and a less than 1% chance of it being anointed.


Just looking at this again and hoping the developers are looking into increasing the loot drops

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I think the new DLC is excellent example of where to put legendary class mods. Still farming for the perfect roll as we speak

Yes, like with jackbot it’s very likely to drop the new mods but finding the roles you need is still time consuming, it doesn’t stop just when you find the mod

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I really like the idea of having the whole trial be dropping the mods. Even getting 10 mods to drop could still not leave you with optimal mod. More varieties should equal to more chances to find it. There are over 64 possible outcomes with skill points alone.

TLDR: dedicated fine. Drop rate bad

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I have a solution for the current loot system system, since the devs apparently hate dedicated loot source farming. Add a crafting system.

The system would require a currency and multiple copys of that item. Heres an example of how it could work.

I place a blast master class mod that has the skill distribution I want or 1 or more stat rolls I want. I then use a special currency plus 3 additional blast master mods to randomly reroll one of the stat lines of my choice. I could also choose to reroll the numerical value of stat line. Or for a much heftier price I could transfer a specific roll from on blast master mod to another blast master mod.

A system like this would fix this games problem of feeling like you play forever and never progress your character. Instead you will to be able to periodically guarantee small improvements to your build.