Trial Bosses As The Dedicated Loot Source For Legendary Class Mods is Bad Design: Here is Why

Three runs of the Trial of Cunning took me almost an hour. While there was no shortage of anointed tinks, all I got to show for it was a Woodblocker.

Thanks. Good times.


They should of waited until all the dlc released to assign dedicated drops

Youd rather us be dealing with world drops only for month(possible years) on end?

I still cannot believe they nerfed FL4K but made it easier to get Amaras mod then FL4k and Zane when she is godly in this game.


I am at the point where I am going to be ok with massive giveaways if gear boxes idea is to keep us farming for years instead if enjoying what we have. There is too much variation in the items this isn’t BL2 where you just had to worry about element/prefix and getting the legendary. Theres so much variation its almost impossible to get what you want. I still have not seen a single red suit yet gear box nerfs crit FL4K who isn’t as gear reliant as other FL4k builds. I have spent months farming to make cryo Zane and still can’t. Way too much variation in items they need to change their rng. Almost every drop is Lob and boring gun for me. I cannot even get items for a build. I feel like they assign your luck at the start with the way some of my friends have almost everything and are getting M4 drops but here I am and nothing has dropped yet. I play more than my friends but their miles ahead its ridiculous.


I’m 90% sure that mayhem mode has zero affect on dedicated loot drops, only on world drops! farm the trials in TVHM with Mayhem turned off. Mayhem is only good for Annointed drops.

Drop rates are roughly 10% from my experience. Not sure what it is on the trial monsters.

Edit: I’m also sure that luck doesn’t affect dedicated drops, only world drops.

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The new class mods specifically only drop on mayhem 4 so your wrong on that sadly. They cna only drop for any difficulty for Malian takedown bosses. It’s easier to just farm the first boss on myahem 1 or 2 for fl4k and zane

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I thought only the new class mods dropped on Mayhem 4 and the ones that drop in trials can happen on any difficulty? If you’re right, then that news has crushed my dreams. of having an optimised character :sob:

What people are complaining about is the new class mods can only drop from specific trial bosses on mayhem 4 if you turn it to 3 it wont drop at all. But amara and moze are allowed extremly easy access to farm their class mod which is how it should be for all of them.
One easish way for fl4k and Zane is just farming mayhem 1 or 2 valkyrie


Been farming Trial of Cunning all day for a Fl4k mod. These trials suck balls. Lucky if you get even 2 side leggo’s to drop each run to give at least a minor bonus satisfaction. I don’t mind farming for a specific item, but damn there is nothing rewarding about doing a trial just to have nothing to even look at if you don’t get what you are going after.


yeah i guess waiting to farm bosses at a better diverse pool would be devastating

Imagine how bad it would be if they added new levels and you had to farm this stuff all over again

Dedicated drops could of waited but Gearbox caved into the crying

Interestingly this also has a direct relation to this: Selling borderlands weapons online

It’s like with drugs, make it illegal and harder to get and you get black market and crime, legalize it and make it easier to get and all those bad things vanish from alone.

It’s a big difference if you can get something within some hours or within 50-80 hours, the later promotes such ebay black markets, the first takes “the wind out of their sails”.


This idea here encapsulates the inspiration of the Proving Grounds: Greater Rifts

In Diablo 3, Rifts provided a short activity and you were rewarded handsomely depending on the level of rift you were able to complete. A game like Diablo has similar “God Roll,” pursuits but it all boils down to one thing:

“Generosity enriches the grind, it doesn’t diminish it.”

In other topics I’ve proposed the idea of loot generosity ( I can link if there’s interest, as this idea is very widespread).

I’ll summarize my ideas specific to the Proving Grounds with the following:

Much like the Heck Hole from Bloody Harvest, place a “Keymaster,” enemy at the end of each room and give that enemy a dedicated drop. Each room in the proving ground kinda has this enemy already but it’s a soft Keymaster.

This initial idea was proposed to help spread out the dedicated loot pool and clear up some of the noise in the drops. However based on this discussion, these Keymaster can give chances at dropping the COM.

Let’s pile on and put the COM inside the chest at the end as well. With all said, you’d have 5 chances at getting the COM and thus allowing the player to compare them for the perfect roll.

Maybe the chest drop can be increased - or even guaranteed - upon completing all of the optional objectives. So worst case, you’d have one chance alongside four other VERY good chances?


All suggestions are good. The Trial on M4 are ungrindable. It’s a slog.


I hope you have been informed by now that the Trial Bosses are not the only Dedicated Source for the New Legendary Class Mods!! Each one has an alternative source, although it must be played in Mayhem 4. VERY EASY TO FARM!

Exept zane. His drops from trail of discipline and wotan.

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there are still 5 other class mods per characters that are behind trial bosses.

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Atleast these can world drop. The new ones are the problem in my book. Especially zanes and flaks. Meanwhile amaras driver com is piss easy to farm. Moze´s com is also pretty straight forward.

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@OP, my thoughts exactly. Tying any items that potentially require 100s of runs through a trial to get the desired roll at the very end is idiotic. It would be one thing if the item always rolled the same stats and a player simply ran the trial for a chance for it to drop. However, running a lengthy trial for a small chance that the item will drop and then have it roll the desired stats is way too much time investment and RNG happenstance.

If they are going to stick with this system they need to at least introduce a way to re-roll stats.


I like idea of keymasters. Just not put pin unique gear on the final boss. The COM should be elsewhere and the final boss of the trial can get extended chances to drop some of the otherwise available items.