Trial of Fervor aka Trial of ANOINTED Mobs

I’ve played multiple Trial of Fervors today. Is it normal for it to have multiple Anointed mobs?

I had one game where the other two players quit and I was left dealing with 15+ Anointed Mobs. I was gonna take screenshot of all the statues but thaey disappear after a while. I managed to finish the trial with 3 mins left. This is Mayhem 4 by the way.

It is behaving as designed. Trial of Fervor is the most challenging proving grounds map thus far. Trial of Fervor is to proving grounds what Slaughter Shaft is to circle of slaughters.

As far as completion times go my best time so far is about 6:36 seconds w/ Zane on M4.


Dang son that’s quickfast, I said quickfast!

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I’m working to get it to 5 minutes or less for my Zane proving grounds series.

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Nice! I’ll bookmark that to get me thru tomorrow’s “rehab” meeting.

Fervor is the one trial I can’t consistently do in <5. I mean, I can but it depends on spawns and such.

I use a Moze build that’s like 65/35 Foot/Bear.

I really wanna get around to my baby 50 Zane but I can’t quit that Bear!

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I guess with the new hotfix, there’s more incentive to do Proving Grounds

Do you play Zane?

I play Moze

Mind sharing the build and gear your using on Zane to be able to do that? I have never finished it in under 25 seconds, or is there some secret i am missing, sometimes things go very well and i get to the gate just to find out i missed a guy who was kinda hiding and have to go back

Everything you need is in the video series. I just can’t bring myself to type thousands of words when I can explain it in 5 - 10 minutes in a video. And don’t worry, I’m not a YouTube content creator so I don’t nag anyone to rate, comment, nor subscribe :grin:. And there are no intro nor outtro shenanigans that wastes your time.

That said, if after watching the video(s) if you have any specific questions I would be happy to answer them here on the forums if you prefer that approach.


I just realized that you were asking about the Trial of Ferver run specifically. I apologize for the mix up. At the moment I’m trying to shave off +1:30 so it qualifies for my series. But if you want I can put up my 6:38 run. LMK.

No Problem, just looking at changing my build on Zane, i do not think even with the Seein Dead it is maximized for high DPS

Soooo close :grin:

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I feel the “sooo close” sentiment.

You’ve got my best Moze run beat by a few seconds!

I’ll get one under 5 eventually :smiley:


ooofffff the bosses at the end of the trials are trolls, like i will clear the rest of trial just above a cutoff time and then i remember there’s gonna be a lil speed bump at the end that adds 30-40s to my time…and i get salty about it lol.

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I FINALLY did it!!! :grin:


If it wasn’t for getting jumped by two anointed tinks while a gooon spawned hordes of psycho tinks fervor would not be fun.

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Here I am happy because Fl4k can do under 10, lol.
I should probably reflect…

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