Trial of Fervor: TVHM MM4

Can anyone here, without glitching , get to the boss on the Trial of Fervor on TVHM MM4, before the timer runs out?

Be warned, the amount of anointed enemies is quite ridiculous…

I killed the last round of enemies in the third map, before the boss area, with about 5 secs left on the clock… Obviously the boss does not spawn then…

[A Successful Failure] :grin:

[A Successful Success]

And because i love it so i did it again! :grin:


I was discussing this in another topic, personnaly before I got my hand on good annointed weapons I was incapable of finishing this trial in M4, I struggled killing the mobs and got overun, I ran out of bullets, out of time, out of bubble gum and out of patience :rofl: that was horrible :hot_face:

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Ok thanks for that.

I’m quite inspired now to continue…

I had about 15 anointed enemies on my run, and I am sure another roll might be better, or worse …

All I have to do is make up 3-5 mins…


Wow you can really see the FPS difference between PC and my Meat Bicycle PS4 Pro…

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I don’t die and but I don’t clear it fast enough on my CCC zane. It has to do with the fact, he is unoptimized damage wise.

The PC world of bitching and raging against game developers that you got 59 frames instead of 60 await you. :laughing:

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On Xbox Rakk Fl4k is super fun on this map. I also have a couple of good anoints for it.

Ultrawide life huh? Seems nice, allthough it makes my phone feel fresh outta 2001 :sweat_smile:

Not always. The UI for games aren’t well designed for it, which was a minor annoyance at launch but has devolved into the following with yesterday’s patch (i.e., the Dec 12 patch).:weary:

In case it’s not obvious I can’t access the top of the screen nor navigate to some of the proving grounds maps. :weary:


Yeah that seems like a huge oversight, i hope they adress this soon, can’t require too much right?

Just one quick question, were those videos made before the latest patch or afterwards?

With GBX who knows. I try to focus on the areas of the game that I enjoy and not be distracted by the many things they keep screwing up. There is a good game here in BL3 that for many players is being overshadowed by the many bugs and performance and stability issues. That said, I’m not going to abandon the game so long as it remains playable and because there remains a lot of depth and untapped potential here for me to explore. But I will admit this, it’s probably the last GBX game that I pre-order. I’m going back to my usual method of buying games which is to wait for the GoTY edition sale. :grin:



In same ways the patch will make it easier but in one way in particular, the new COV badass bullet type completely ignore the barrier, it’s going to be harder.


Now try doing it in 4 player coop lol

Would you mind having a go, and reporting back. Obviously there may be differences with the barrier as I have seen some comments on that in the forum, also I am playing FL4K - so DPS wise not a big issue, and survival requires some game sense…

But I am getting swamped by annointed enemies which is slowing me down - not having any other problems but that, and I am wondering if they have bumped the rewards and the difficulty up by adding more anointed enemies. Still trying myself to complete solo…

I’ll make a video just for you of my success or (more likely :grin:) failure.

Thank you. Appreciate it…

I’ve done it with fl4k plenty of times, the militants are the only thing that hurts good times imo.

Since the new patch?

Here is a good example of the spawns I’m getting. This is the 3rd stage, just before the boss.

In total, just in this 3rd phase. There were 5 annointed agros and 2 anointed zealots., and one anointed big daddy…

And every other COV enemy around them…