Trial of Instinct Unlocking Issue

Hello everybody. I’ve been trying to unlock the Trial of Instinct for a couple days now and having an issue. I’m on Xbox One and playing with FL4K at level 50 right now. For whatever reason I can’t locate the Trial itself in my list of missions. I’ve managed to open Cunning and Fervor so far and have located the tree on Eden 6 where Instinct is. I’ve even completed the mission associated with it. For whatever reason I can’t figure out how to do the Trial itself. There’s no marker on the map or a mission listing like there is for the other Trials I have. Any idea?

Just to check, did you jump up on to the stump and interact with the pedestal? That should give you the “travel to location” prompt so you can then navigate at the bridge. If you’re not seeing the prompt, maybe double-check the bridge console for a new location before heading back down to Eden-6 to reactivate?

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Hi VaultHunter, yep, I’ve interacted with the stump awhile back and completed the mission that comes with it. I confirmed that by checking my “completed” mission list. For some reason this trial doesn’t show the “Discover the Trial of Instinct” or the Wayward Tether location. I just googled it, again, and see that I have to take the Sanctuary pod to get to it. I’ll head back there and see if the location is Wayward Tether. Be pretty funny if it is. Thanks.