Trials idea: "The Takedown of Trials"

With the new true trials event out I was thinking of what else could be done with trials to make them more fun and I had the idea to make a “The Takedown of Trials” where all the trials would be combined into a single map where the trials would all run one after another and you’d have to run them all in a row. I’m calling it “The Takedown of Trials” as it’s similar to the takedown with mobbing sections followed by a boss and repeat, just with this you do it more times.
And yes I know you could just do it yourself by just going through them one by one but doing that is slow and there’s a lot of downtime with map loading and starting the next trial so by combining them all into one long trial it would be much more fluid and keep your energy up the whole way though

Damn, I thought this was advocating for the removal of trials. :sweat_smile:

How about having it function like Diablo 3’s rifts?

Sure it will just be increasing numbers but people can see how far they can push it.

Current event is just weird :rofl: you nuke the whole map and then end up wasting all your ammo on a skag with bloated stats (or rather, bloated health seeing it’s not even a challenging fight)

I tried a couple of the Trials with Moze last night on True Takedown mode. The trials on on True Takedown mode were actually challenging end game content; and thus, fun. Good job, Gearbox, at least on this change.