Tribute to a recently passed friend

Hi all,

First time forum/reddit user and it’s a bit of a lengthy post – bear with me!

A very close friend of mine unexpectedly took his own life a few weeks ago after a battle with mental illness. He was only 29 and married for a little less than a year. ■■■■■■■ great guy.

He was a passionate gamer and he adored two games in particular - Borderlands and Binding of Isaac. He enjoyed them so much he had about 6 or 7 tattoo’s of them (Claptrap, Handsome Jack, Isaac, Meat Boy etc). He finished the original Borderlands over ten times and the sequel a fair few times too. Hell, I remember one time we were near the end of the Borderlands main campaign (my first playthrough) and when we finished it, I said “I’m kind of glad, that was dragging towards the end…”. He responded with “how do you think I feel; this is my eighth time!”. We’ve been talking about and (wishing for) Borderlands 3 ever since we finished Borderlands 2 back at launch and used to have long drunken chats about how hyped we were for it.

I want to try and get him honoured in some way in the game/series. It doesn’t have to be major; I’d just love if there was a little nod to him in a game series he adored and was really excited about playing. A random minor NPC character named after him, a spot on the ‘special thanks’ credit list, a tiny texture buried in the map with his name on it, a piece of lore squirreled away in an item description – anything.

I have a fair few reasons for wanting to do it; I want him remembered; I think it’d give a little happiness to his mum, dad, sister and wife; I think he’d love it; He’s been looking forward to the game for so long it and it wounds me he won’t get to experience it and I’ll have to play without him.

I’m a social media hermit (no twitter, facebook etc) but I’ll be creating accounts on these (and in forums) in an attempt to speak to the devs/publishers to try and get something accomplished. I’m not the most eloquent either so I’m not putting a lot of money on this post doing the job.

I know this seems quite a selfish request in a way (“I’m new here but my friend died, and I want him in the game!” is the basic crux of it). I’ve re-read this post countless times and tried to make it concise, honest and to the point.

TLDR – A great friend of mine committed suicide after suffering from mental illness and I’m trying to get a tribute, however small, made to him in a series that he adored.

PS. If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions into making this a reality I’d love to here them too.



My condolences to you, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost your friend. I hope you and his family are doing alright.

I would love to see your friend get a tribute, even if just a small one. The thing right now is though, that we’re very close to the game being finished. Even if Gearbox wants to do it, it probably won’t be in the game at launch. It would be a close call to say the least, just to make that clear. So, to be realistic (and it’s not like you didn’t have your share of cruel reality lately anyway) please don’t expect much.

I would advise you to contact 2k themselves or try to get to the bigger YouTube personalities to get your request to Gearbox. Some of them get exclusive play sessions with the game and maybe one of them could inform Gearbox about your friend.

My condolences


I was thinking about this on the drive home from work today, and I had a thought, one that would be reasonably easy to implement, but would be meaningful.

Somewhere in the Vault Hunter home base (Sanctuary in BL2, New Haven in BL1, whatever it will be (New Sanc?) in BL3) create a Wall of the Fallen.

Simiiar to real-world walls in police stations , fire department, the CIA ( )
where fallen comrades are remembered.
Could be done tastefully, simple names (or gamertags more appropriately ), a scrolling list on a wall.

Just a thought.

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@mrbombasticronca Appreciated, thanks.

@narfkeks Appreciate the reply and your honesty. I thought to myself it was a longshot with the window being incredibly short before release but it was worth a shot and I’ll still see if there’s anything I can do. Plus, I might have missed this chance but hopefully there’ll be DLC on the way and I can take another crack at it. Thanks for your suggestions re: 2K and YouTube personalities. I’m no idea on the latter but I’ll be scouring the internet tonight to find out! Thanks again

@RavenOfArisia Thanks. I like your idea! It seems simple in practice but not being a developer I’ve no idea how much work would need to go into something like that. Imagine it’d give people and fans a little bit of happiness, hell I know it would for me.

I’ve contacted the community manager for Gearbox and made a post on reddit on the Borderlands page already, hopefully they get me somewhere (or at least seen). I’ll try the other recommendations tonight.

Thanks again all, massively appreciated.

When you create your social media please link it. This really hit me hard and it would mean the world to me if I could help in any way.

If not I wish you all the best <3

A little update for anyone still interested;

Contacted as many people as I could think of - Fever PR, 2K, Gearbox, the community manager (nonoelleno) on twitter and her direct website, Randy, Vinylic, joltzdude, Borderlands reddit and this forum here, sadly no reply from anyone (bar the ones in this thread). Can totally understand with BL3 around the corner but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

Thanks for the replies and help in here everyone (no false humility), I’ll just have to keep trying in different ways.

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Sad to hear that, but maybe you get a response later on. The core-developement of the game just finished, so there is no way they could put something in the 1.0 version of the game at this point. If nothing else I hope that at least the responses you got here were helpful, if not for your friend, then at least for you.