Tribute to yoteslaya

Hi, my name is rok and i am a HUGE borderlands fan so of course I’m a HUGE yoteslaya fan and i only recently found out about his passing. So i was thinking maybe as a tribute since he was such a big borderlands fan and you tuber you could maybe put a gun in the next game as a mission reward or easter egg known as the Mongslaya or Bullyslaya
as a reference to borderlands 2 and yoteslaya. I’m sure he would love it if you did that. i really hope you consider my thoughts as it is very tragic that he died and that we should remember him in some way.


This has been suggested before, but considering how he died, I don’t think Gearbox will bother. The previous tributes were to long-time fans who died of cancer.


Also, if you think about the opening cinematic to BL2- maybe Gearbox had a premonition?


Please no. Yes, people liked him but given the circumstances it would be inappropriate. If they were to put an obvious tribute to him it would open up a PR nightmare can of worms for them.
Also, as @axlerate mentioned the previous tributes were long-time fans who died of cancer aka “natural” causes and not from being -potentially- intoxicated and a bad choice which led to a tragic accident which could have been avoided.


Just an FYI, despite these threads being disallowed on the OG boards after mutiple issues and arguments, I will leave this one open, for now. After all, this forum is new. And everything is a fresh start.
But the second this gets out of hand (if it does ) I will lock it. Consider this the only warning.

So. Keep things respectful in your replies, please. Even if you disagree with another’s point of view.


Fully agree with this.


Yotes vids pretty much got me into BL2… if i need some info on loot, his the first guy I goto…!!

There’s absolutely no reason to give a tribute to a guy who got drunk and foolishly killed himself and others.

Not to mention that a lot of his vids were full of misinformation or down right faked (infinity drop) to get views.

The only tragedy is that he killed 2 other people and ended up leaving 2 kids to grow up without their dad. Not to mention the lives that were affected from the passing of the other 2 people that were killed.

He deserves nothing from Gearbox. Nothing.


I don’t think he deserves a tribute in-game. Just mentioning him on the forums is tribute enough. Personally I say let his memory rest so as to not open old wounds. The less said about him and his tragic end the better.


Gearbox has made up their mind about this, so that’s that. But… I think this could be a good opportunity to take a step back and think about the really stupid things that we ALL have done at some point in our lives. Most of the time, these things didn’t have such tragic consequenses, but they could have. Easily! So, Yote wasn’t better or worse than any one of us. He was just human. Like the rest of us. I always thought his heart was in the right place, and I really enjoyed watching his vids. So, I will remember the good in him.


Remember him however you like. Personally, I found his videos uninteresting, uniformative or just flat out fake. And when people called him out on it, he basically said ■■■■ you to these forums and bashed them and the people on them for correctly calling him a liar.

anybody who acted like he did isn’t what I’d consider a person who needs to be honored or remembered as some type of great person, which I see all the time on YouTube or here on the forums.

have I made stupid mistakes? Absolutely. I am not trying to judge him, but it’s hard…and honestly (in case you couldn’t tell) I couldn’t stand him before he killed himself and his friends. I’m more tired of his fanabse who insist on calling him a great person and insist on having a tribute put into a Borderlands game because of it. I Just can’t comprehend how people think he deserves such an honor…it’s ridiculous.


Do I agree that he shouldnt have a tribute yes
Do I think he was a bad person or that he was in anyway a liar persay no

If you cant stand the fan base its understandable and you would get mad to if someone bashed your work that you spent hours on.

The whole thread is either fanboys of Yote or others who hate him no one in between thus I say this thread should have just been locked to begin with

Bashed his work? He faked a drop to get views and make money off of it. That’s exactly why he was a liar.

Of course people are gonna bash his ‘work’.

Alright! This subject is obviously a hot potato. This thread should be locked, before someone says something really stupid with tragic consequences.

Mike Mamaril died of cancer. Cancer is a ■■■■ and he didn’t deserve that ending (my grandma had breast cancer, we’re still paying the treatment, yet she’s alive thankfully).
Yote died in a car accident. DUI is completely avoidable. He was irresponsible. Killed two people. He didn’t deserve that ending either, nor a tribute does.

No. Yoteslaya does not deserve an In-game tribute.
I have my opininion about people who DUI, but I’ll keep it inside my mind. It’d be like a verbal BXR.

Just a general reminder (for everyone) to, as @Kitty_Jo said above, keep everything cool and respectful.


10-4 GBX man.

Oh, and probably a reference to him in BLx (where x, put a number or a name) wouldn’t be good advertisement for GBX (2K…well, it’s the brother company of Rockstar Games xD)

Just imagine how big would be the problem.

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I don’t hate him. His fanbase however while still not hate is definitely in the dislike category. My biggest beef with them is the illogical stuff they say (“He wasn’t drunk so he was good person and deserves to be put it.” Counter argument is if he wasn’t drunk why is ok that he opted to play chicken with a train all of a sudden? Yet to hear any answer on that question).

Note that this post isn’t meant to ruffle anyone’s feathers (specifically the fanbase mentioned) but to point out that there are a few who are between “Hate Yote” and “I :heart: Yote”. I’ll also do some more additional clarifying while I’m at it, I don’t hate the Yote Fanbase just because they’re his fanbase and are silly for liking him even though he died in the way he did but rather because when it seems they have rose tinted glasses on and Yote can do nor did no wrong and anyone not supporting or wanting a Yote tribute is fecal matter.
If they can at least admit to agreeing to disagree with others’ viewpoints then that’s generally enough for me to move that person from the “dislike” to “tolerate cause I can respect them even if I disagree with them” category.

Faked a drop?
How in hell you could fake a drop? D:

I don’t hate Yote.
I hate what he did and ended with his life and the life of two (or more) more people. It was completely avoidable as I wrote in an earlier post.

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“Clever” editing of the recorded fight and “search” of loot. That’s my best guess but as I haven’t actually watched said video (or I don’t remember watching it) it might’ve been done by a different way (3rd party program to alter actual rates to a more consistent one if only to make it easier to film and not a “I hope I don’t have to repeat everything I said again” chore)