Trick of Light slows you during self damage

Any self damage you do while specced into trick of light slows you.

Pretty terrible, hope they fix.

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To quote the bullies in middle school:

Stop hitting yourself :joy:

Anything triggers it even minor splash from hollowpoint.

Plus, self damage with shock weapons with transformer is a good strategy that slows you too.

That self damage+Transformer also has a chance to return ammo so swings and roundabouts.

I’ve found that if you fast travel, or die enough, the self-slow stops… But somehow the Transformer interaction stays indefinitely.

Still a thing it seems…I made the mistake of unlocking Hollow Point and then I kept getting slowed at the worst possible moments. It also can bypass Futility Belt, to add insult to injury.
Submitted a ticket, I hope they eventually get to this one since I love that skill (no, me having a +5 ToTL Cold Warrior COM has nothing to do with this…)

…I’m sorry your com is modded. And also, hollow point shouldn’t do that. But if radiated enemies blow up, that might be it.

That could also be - I am using a radiation Trevonator. I think I saw it happen with other weapons too; this seems to happen even if the splash does not deal damage (e.g Alchemist/Transformer)

(I dabble with modding, so could have been me, not going to lie. Mostly to not have to re-farm everything with each level cap raise, but here and there…)

S’all good, just letting you know, 3 point stats can only get a 3 point boost by com…otherwise, the would be hunting down a 5TotL myself.

You are absolutely right about Hollow Point btw - I forgot I specced on Drone Delivery. If I pay attention, I am slowed down indeed by either gun splash or a hot potato at my doorstep, courtesy of the drone. I was not noticing because of Fractal Frags muddling which grenades damage me.

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Drone always procs TotL too. That’s a fun fact I love. Who needs winters drone?

Crazy theory; maybe the game sets Zane and the clone as an NPC for the purposes of targeting calculation, and the drone as a distinct NPC?
If this is true, it explains why Clone cannot damage Zane or proc TOTL; it is an action skill and not a “targetable” NPC, and if the clone is being targeted it counts as Zane being targeted (don´t know if it procs TOTL in co-op). As the drone has its own AI and therefore is counted as an independent target, and enemies don´t seem to target it so it´s always “on”.

Clone actually can distract enemies from Zane so TotL can happen.

Interesting thing about clone is that they function in most ways as another character. A teammate. You can’t hurt them, they can’t hurt you. However, their melee damage works as a function of Zane. At least, seemingly.

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