Trick of the Light Revisited

Now that Clone builds are worthwhile, I’m wondering why people running Clone are talked out of investing in Trick of the Light? It seems to me that it’s just like an ASE anoint and now we’re not using those because keeping the clone up rather than dopplebanging him is actually more now useful.

Sure at 3 points its only 36% bonus cryo instead of a 50% ASE but it doesn’t have a time expiration and with the clone always up and firing, you’re likely to not being targeted.

I’m wondering if there’s an interaction or something that I’m missing, like not putting a point into fractal frags because it triggers too often with Seein’ Dead so the clone never actually shoots his gun or something?

Seems to me you want to get every bonus element you can because of how they multiple the damage. Although I guess this would additive if you’re using a cryo weapon?

Trick of Light was or is very unreliable, because which one’s real is very unreliable.
I’m using it right now, because I try to get as many buffs for the clone as possible.

Fractal Frags I’m not using for basically the same reason. Sure, throwing its piss grenades could work for boss fights, but if feel like for mobbing it’s a dps loss.

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biggest reason being totl targets a player just like an enemy, every smidget of your own splash will make sure to freeze you which sucks big time.

I’ve been using it with clone + drone because I either don’t get self-splashed (Kaoson) or I try to get splashed in a giant electric storm (Shock Backburner + Transformer + Stormfront / Quasar). I think it’s decent damage and utility if you’re going for double barrel, at least worth 2-3 points as a filler.

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It would be nice if there was some visual indicator to show it will be active, such as a frosty appearance to enemies who will receive more damage. Overall, it seems a bit nebulous for the extra damage received. If it was more controllable and predictable it could become more popular.

Min maxers hate this one trick!

I’ve been playing with it lately to see if the mechanic is something I enjoy… verdict is still out (not for damage potential, but whether or not I think it’s fun). Pretty much any skill that’s not in the meta du jour seems to get this treatment, so for these one-off ones that few people talk about besides, “that skill sucks”, I do my own research.

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I use this skill and have noticed those extra white damage numbers pretty regularly.

As for self freezing - I play mid range, swapping with my clone regularly to keep myself away from the enemies so haven’t especially had any self cryo from it.

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This mirrors my experience. I guess I’m not sure where else you’d put those 3 points that would be better than 36% bonus cryo even if you are min/maxing.

It would be fairly good, but the issue is, it also applies to self-damage. So if you accidentially hit yourself with a splash weapon or a grenade you are gonna slow yourself down, it prevents you from using shock weapons to refill your transformer.

I’d say if they changed it so it also benefits clone damage (so the clone does damage to enemies that don’t target him) and they removed the self-damage interaction it would probably be worth it.

I guess this is where I’m confused. Who is throwing grenades? Who has time to shoot the ground to refill their transformer? That’s time you’re wasting not killing people.

I just don’t see how you are splashing yourself that often unless you’re in a tight room or something or running out in front of your clone and getting shot by him.

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This game is so full of enemies not practicing social distancing, that the scenario of you splashing yourself is not far fetched at all.


Basically any melee enemy in the game is gonna rush you and yes, there’s a very good chance for you to splash yourself when that happens.

As for Grenades: The SNTL, obviously.

Yeah, I’ve noticed while using my fish grenade mod that my own grenades kill me a lot. Bouncing fishes everywhere, shooting point blank just insta gibs me if a fish slips out the barrel.
Still a good time though. Usually.

The Lobformer is the new Shamfleet… is a hoot sometimes, but beyond its novelty, one can tank a lot of damage this way.

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Ah yes, back when Zane was underpowered, the mobs were bullet sponges, and we had to use the fishslap to regen ammo, it was frequently the only thing that could kill me.

i think it would have been a lot better if it remained bonus shock damage instead of cryo.

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That is true, would make the choice of weapons a lot easier. Between the not targeting and the weapon swap, you can get 66% bonus Cryo. It costs 8 points to do that, but it really seems worth it to me. That’s essentially an ASE anoint worth damage.

I’ve had TotL on my Zane for as long as I’ve had points for it. I loved it when it was shock.

The biggest issue is it works best in Co-Op and is really hard to test effectively for when it works. Also. Bonus cryo damage is kinda meh, can we get it back to Shield Busting Shock? Meh, fine, I’ll wear a conductor

You think the bonus 25% shock from the conductor makes up for all the damage bonuses plus turning KS’s into DS’s from Seein Dead?

Bonus shock is sure better, but I don’t find it difficult to see when it’s active in SP. The enemies almost always target my clone since I’ve been using him since the phase two corrections. Sure, they’ll start targeting you once you fire on them but but by that time they’re usually dead.

First off. The conductor thing was a joke. Lol.

Second: I absolutely believe Shock TotL was far more useful and on theme. So I’ll always be bitter about how the only thing that got better was the Brainstormer from that change.

Third: I get use out of it very often. Am pretty sure it’s what makes my Drone so powerful too. I’m just saying that due to the buggy nature of “Enemy Targeting” (go read up on FL4K skill: Hidden Machine) conditions, it’s a ridiculously unreliable source in single player.

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