Trick of the Light?

So when does TotL apply exactly? Will the Clone/ Drone get the bonus? What about Tediore turrets? Are those counted as Zane or a seperate entity? Would Zane’s shields/grenades apply it when it “procs”? For example, will the Messy Breakup shield drones get the TotL bonus?

I would guess no as it specifically says when Zane isn’t targeted. I think it is for Zane only and the messy breakup drones would only get the buff for Zane and not his clones drones … Keep in mind I have never used this skill so I have no idea since before the buff the skill was kinda junk when it was shock based.

@sammantixbb Uses this skill a lot. Maybe they can answer.

It procs a lot more than most think. If your clone has aggro, will proc. Works VERY well with Scourage rockets as well, and Call weapons, Brainstormer, and Recursion.

I found it temperamental but the damage boost is noticeable when it happens. The taunt augment helps, though it seems to have a bit of a small radius.

If you park the clone in front of an enemy and lose LOS you can proc it pretty well.

Worth it if you are going all the way to double barrel but I wouldn’t go that far just for ToTL. Also I feel it should have been left as shock damage as Zane already gets added cryo from all his sentinel anointments but that’s beside the point.

I certainly didn’t notice the drone suddenly tons more damage to indicate it gets the bonus.

The drone is almost always doing TotL in my experience. Or at least, I always see it doing cryo damage without a cryo augment

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You can tell how much it proccs during mobbing. If you arent running a cryo gun you are bound to see “immune” from certain cryo enemies and it will give you a good idea.

Not really an answer to your question, but a fun fact: Trick of the Light adds cryo damage to some splash damage weapons when you hurt yourself. This let’s you add ammo to your magazine with a shock weapon with splash damage (like a Shrieking Devil) and the Transformer.

I have a build where I use a Protuberance and a Transformer with Trick of the Light to basically never run out of ammo. Also: the skill used to not always add cryo. I found that after fast travelling or dying enough, the self-cryo wasn’t applied, but weapons would still add ammo. I’m not sure if that is fixed/changed though…

Cool, wonder if it works with alchemist self damage??

Sadly it doesn’t work with the Alchemist, I think it is not registered as splash.