Trick to stop surveyors

On some occasions Surveyors can be stoped from flying. Is there any trick for this?

My best guess would be Phaselock. But then again it depends on who you’re playing.

Make them to repair nearby loaders.
Or quickly destroy the loader when they are about to perform the repairs.
Or try to quickly dodge their attacks. (not 100% sure)

If I consider that their AI is programmed to charge player and then change it’s trajectory after firing it’s attack at certain distance… Just a guess, but I think that they probably get stuck when they are unable to find a new change of trajectory after firing that beam. I guess they cannot make a full 180 degree turn and it takes some space to take a turn to begin with. So my conclusion is that there is chance for surveyor to get stuck if there are obstructions around victim whose prevents it from finding that new trajectory.

Never bothered to experiment around it however, because I find them to be pretty easy.

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This. They just stuck, doing some animation, and then, after a few seconds fly away. At this time they are pretty vulnerable to all attacks, even for melee Krieg due to a well-known bug. So i try to understand what needs to be done in order to force them to get stuck. Tx for the “obstructions around victim” tip.

(this is not about situations when Survs has low HP, just in case)

If the bot pathing in Unreal 3.0 is similar to that of earlier Unreal engines, then the pathnode orbs are laid down by the map designer over traversable terrain. When the pathnodes get linked automatically by Ued, those nodes get linked together to the nearest ones and those in line of sight (like a blue stringy spiderweb). Sometimes single nodes can wind up with only one blue-line link to it, which means it will act like a dead end street with no turn around to a bot. In high traffic areas there can be a ton of blue links on the ground, and it’s very easy to miss a node that for some reason got orphaned during the linking process.
Reason I know this: My older brother got me into making my own deathmatch maps for Unreal Tournament ages ago, and I’ve had to go through my own maps and prune this stuff out before it could be called “done” :wink:


Shoot them repeatedly, preferably with a Corrosive weapon, until they explode. If playing as Maya, PL first.

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If there are no enemies to injure and you aren’t Maya, back yourself into a wall or corner. It will inevitably attack you by flying at you with straight pathing, at which point you can kill it. In Digi Peak, you can also stand directly in front of a spawning surveyor which renders it unable to move.

If Gaige and you have a barrel three Fibber, (shock or corrosive, not tried w/ fire or vanilla ) aim it at your feet when they fly in close.
They’ll be dead in seconds.