Trick Unforgiven

I picked up a Trick Unforgiven in the slaughtershaft today. The 432% crit damage version and it had the 300/90 annointment. I’ve used this at level 60 farming using the crit swap method but was wondering if the annointment also transfers across as well as the critical hit value? Also does the base fun damage cow into play? I’m wondering about that in terms of whether you need the current level unforgiven or can use any level version. I didn’t get the chance to test it on the dummy so hopefully someone already knows.

Ive heard that it does transfer in some instances; but for critswapping you can literally use a level 1 - it still carries over the crit damage


You can crit-and anoint swap and if you do so, the base damage of your crit/anoint gun doesn’t matter.

Mind you, you anoit-swapping doesn’t work with all anoints (for instance, I’m not sure if it works with any of the action skill based anoints) but it does work on 300/90 and U/Rad

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