Trickster heads drop source?

Checking in from the void and wondering if anyone’s found a drop source for these heads yet. I didn’t get any of them during that one weird update (I know some others who did) and would love to be able to acquire them at some point. Anyone have any luck with these?

Trickster masks? use this as info. You must kill sh4dow-tp in claptrap arena to get his head sets

Edit can’t get these while in story mode must start a arena fight lvl 9

FYI, you don’t have to use lvl 9 to have Shadow trap spawn in the mutator arena. And, he also doesn’t always spawn in round 3. I have had him spawn in round 2. As to the legitimacy of the head you mentioned, I cannot confirm that. But Shadow trap is much easier to deal with if he spawns in the lower level attempts. I typically use 3 or 4 and he will eventually spawn. It’s all RNG. :wink:

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I see now that the Wiki has been updated with this info since I last checked. Good to know!

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Oh thankz din’t know he spawns in lower lvl arenas

I did capture the fight. in case you were wondering how that went. :wink:

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Sorry to bump an old thread. I can confirm that you can get the Trickster head during Story Mode. My Wilhelm got his Grille of the Trickster when he killed 5H4D0W-TP in TVHM (his first time killing him). None of my other characters have their Trickster heads yet – my Nisha doesn’t even have the Captain Dredd customization despite doing the Arena many, many times – so I assume that I just got really, really lucky.

Ironically, at the time, I was disappointed because I was hoping for a Laser Disker or Kaneda’s Laser. Little did I know…

As a rule of thumb, any non-guide thread that hasn’t seen activity in more than 6 months should just be left alone. When they get revived after 3 years they tend to be hungry and demand braaaaaaaiins, which is awkward (to say the least).