Trickster masks?

So i saw these on a youtube vid and i was wondering how are they obtained or are they unobtainable and they just used unethical methods to get them?

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Should have posted the vid too

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I recently got the “Beardy Double” head for DoppleJack from Shadowtrap, so Id assume at least one of the sets of heads drops from him.

I have the Mask of the Trickster on my Doppelganger, but I don’t remember how I got it tbh.

I naturally unlock all skins and heads in my inventory without looking, so…

shadow trap drops mask of trickster must kill him in mutator arena but thats too hard cause he only apears in hardest mode of arena round 3 and he dosent drop skins heads in story mission either in tvhm or uvhm good skins heads he will drop. Took me 53 kills of him just to get this as Wilhelm.