Tried so much still cant play because game crashes

I tried running it with Dx12 then my graphic card crashes and with Dx11 I get the default “oh the game crashed send the info and restart the game” message.

I tried multiple things from the forum turning off the geforce experience, turning the 3D graphic controls to power, turned off the cloud save, unfolding the Zip packages in the folder.

I am so done with this game I just want to play. I didn’t pay 100 bucks for a crashing game.


My condolences friend, i share your pain. Truely.
The ETA for the upcoming patch is about a week or so, i’m trying to be optimistic here and hoping they will fix most of the problems we have reported but honestly there are just so many issues at the moment that i can’t possibly believe that they will. A long journy awaits before we see the end of this all.

I have the same problem. Game keeps crashing all the time.

Same, this will be the last time i spend 100 on a game at release. now a days they will sell a bunk un-optimized game then fix it with patches. Borderlands 3 is unplayable for me, crashing every 10 minutes and having to restart at checkpoints is not fun. Very disappointing

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