Tried to play last night, gave up and played something else

10pm east coast last night, I solo Queue for PVP incursion via Steam / PC.
it takes 15 minutes to fill out my party of 5 players.
15 minutes later at 10:30pm the players in my party start chatting cause were all still in Queue with no match in sight.
were all frustrated and bored. no progress towards a matching starting. 5 spinning circles making no progress.
8 to 11pm is prime time for gaming, Queues should be popping left and right.

I have a small window of time to play games at night, and sitting in a Queue for a longer amount of time than playing the game just isn’t going to work out. I’ll give it a few more tries … but then I am gone.


It’s too bad that the PC version just didn’t seem to take off. It might be because they did that week long free PS4 beta. That’s why I ended up buying the PS4 version even though I mostly game on PC.

I wonder if the new rematch feature also has the side effect of emptying out the available pool of people queuing to play.
if a good portion of the matches just recycle and rematch, thats 10 less people to be put into the waiting to play Queue.


It would still be a sign of a low player population.

Worst case 10 people are playing rematch after rematch with 5 people waiting to play.


100 people are playing rematch after rematch (Highly unlikely) and 5 people waiting to play.

Maybe the match making system is working well. I’m not sure how it works but if they are placing people in a 5 man team then make them wait for another 5 man team to form then that could cause issues.

Let’s say you have a 5 man ready to go but another match just ended and someone left. Now a new player joins the queue. But instead of grabbing someone from the 5 man to replace the person who left they just add the new player. So the new player gets to play while the 5 man is waiting for another 5 man to form.

Pretty sure that’s exactly how it works since the other team always shows up all at once.