Trinket deleted from my inventory

I had recieved a trinket from the new Bounty of Blood dlc. I had recieved it from a crew challenge. I believe it was called “The Devil’s Tooth” or “The Devil’s claw”. I got it through the mail and opened it and immediately applied it to my weapon. I logged out yesterday and when i logged in today it was completely gone from my trinket inventory. I’m on PS4 and my gamertag is: HalfmanHalfamazn
Please help.

Same here on xbone. Devil’s tooth AND The Worm emote AND The Battle Driver dissapeared.

There are two trinkets actually, both of them are bugged on PC as well. I guess you guys should send a ticket to 2K too.

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Same here, lost all trinkets from DLC3 after logging out.

Same here, lost the tooth and battle driver.