Triple nuke grenade0_0

An awesome beast it is. Triple nuke bonus is just nuts. Has anyone found it yet?

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Congrats at setting off the Gearbox nerf alarm.:upside_down_face:

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Consuming 4 grenades to me at least is not worth that damage even as Moze. Now if there was this on the grenade:


Im alllllll over that :smiley:

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I’ve found a couple doubles (one with some splitters on it). Can confirm that it hits hard AF. Without an Exploder or Impact modifier though, Nukes are pretty rough though (maybe second only to Rubberized). From that cover shot, finding an anointed one gets into god-tier RNG.

I have 2 nukes. One with around 6000 and the force shockwave and the other around 7400 damage with chain modifier but lower radius of about 400. I also have a shock mirv one with chain and damage and crit on terror and a radiation mirv one. Nukes are fun.

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do they drop randomly? or is there a farmable boss like character? serious question, don’t want to watch the vid

Dpj is so bad jesus christ… Yes i found all nades and functionality i prefer vladof singularity chillers damage wise for dot take mirv mini mirv mini mirv roll for single target mirv nuke nuke or rain nuke nuke they are not tremendously great if you can not buff nade dmg tho all they do is cheap away on targets

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Sacrificing an extra grenade to do a half a grenade’s worth of extra damage didn’t sound appealing to me. Seemed like you’d be better off just throwing two grenades.

I feel the 4 grenade usage justifies the damage and also makes me never to use it in the first place

i have a nuke one that spawns 3 grenades then each one of those mirvs into 3 more

So for a MIRV, mini-MIRV, mini-MIRV does each mini-MIRV spawn 3 more grenades? Or does the initial mini-MIRV just get more than 3?

If it’s the former that would be about 40 explosions from one grenade.

3 + 3x3 +9x3 =3+9+27=39

that is what should happen it just spawns mindboggling amount of nades if i said i counted i’d be lying but 39 should be the case. mirv mini-mirv minimirv or rain mini mirv mini mirv would do the same amount.

anyway it is not amazing unless you have mobs of enemies in front. i also only used on drone delivery zane so it just kept killing me.

i will test when i get back home.

40, your forgetting the very first toss.

But that’s I didn’t know that could exist. I’ll be on the hunt for my Moze. Thanks.

ah yea correct. i can send you one in rad.

Its extremely possible. Your best bet is to check Marcus Munitions in between killing bosses. I have see at least 2 from there.


best farm spot by far is destroyers rift as it is closest to the machine. droughts high way great vault and slaughter sahft are also decent. any particular vendor does not have less or more chance of having one, it is just whatever is closest to spawn and how fast the area loads on your platform.


The dream that I need.

Click bait youtubers aside whatever can roll once on a nade can roll 3 times except for few exceptions for example there is no minimirv on the first roll. you can find things like double or triple singularity nades you can get triple MIRV. something may roll with triple devider or triple artillery triple chiller etc. but for DPJ every one of those iს a separate video and therefore views likes and revenue.

This is where I find most of mine (and strangely, it’s usually the second or third after the first grenade where the really good ones are). I think I like this vendor setup the best; in BL2, the gear was pretty mediocre with a rare chance at a Legendary. In TPS, it was more on point (higher shot at better stuff). In BL3, it’s not that he might carry a Legendary, it’s that he regularly has fantastic purples. I check his machines every time I’m anywhere near one.

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Drools in SNTL and Clone