Triple-O and Dexiduous the Borincible

I have some question about the “farming” of these guys. This morning i have tried to spawn Triple-O by doing the 4 player glitch in gee’s area and put the eridium on the furnaces for dexi, during the final wave of the savages he spawns but didn’t drop the twister, then was the turn of dexi and after half an hour i decided to let people join my game, because he was too difficult to hit and alone it would take forever to kill. Sure as hell he didn’t drop the chopper, before i do this again i would like to know:
1 Does the 4 player glitch increase the drops as well?
2 What are the drop rates of these guy?
3 A good (and possibly fast) strategy against dexi, he is so annoying

Against dexi i stayed under the lodge

I can’t help you with the OOO question as I never tried it myself.

Against Dexidious, there really is no fast way. Same reason as OOO. Takes too long, payoff sucks. Just for clarification, both spawning AND killing Dexi suck.

Finally after 3 tries (7 hours) a got the shock twister from him and dexi drop a hevy chopper and an hard UH… i can’t believe it yet