Triple O Spawn Rate

Is there a chart similar to the Vermiverous one about how often this guy will spawn. Did about 20 runs on OP6 and did the 4 player Master Gee glitch and he didn’t spawn once.

I don’t ever remember seeing a chart for his spawn rate. Omnd-Omnd-Ohk can spawn from any Ultimate Badass Savage, as long as there is a Witch Doctor around to continue to evolve the UBA Savage. However, if the Witch Doctor stops “evolving” and just starts healing then you won’t get OOO from that / those UBA Savage(s). Getting far enough away from them (losing aggro) or possibly fast traveling there and back might allow you to attempt to spawn OOO from the same group again, assuming you don’t kill them or the nearby Witch Doctor. The 4 player trick should definitely help, but you still aren’t guaranteed a spawn.

Also, I found another thread discussing the OOO spawn rate.

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Thanks I found the Dex method and did that for about 2 hours. I got him to spawn once after like 45 minutes but unfortunately he didn’t drop the Twister.

I spent a bit of time over the last few days farming for the twister. In 525 UBA’s in 2 player he spawned 3 times(0.57% spawn chance). Using the 4 player glitch he spawned 4 times in 120 UBA’s (3.33% spawn chance) and dropped the twister on 2 of those occasions. It does seem like the 4 player glitch is the best way to get him to spawn, but I’m still a little dubious about calling it fact with such a small sample size. Either way it’s still a pretty long shot getting him to appear in the first place.

Yea I think i will try the Dex method with the 4 player glitch tonight to help my results as I was only doug co op with my roommate last night.

If you die does that trigger the 4p glitch to go away or is it only after you quit?

Pretty sure it’s only once you quit or somebody else joins the game. But I may be wrong about that. It may be worth testing it out first if nobody else can give a definitive answer.

This is true. Even after dying it will stay and you can see it as enemies won’t fully recover health as the game still thinks players are alive.
The glitch probably works because the devs couldn’t make a proper “off-switch” for the 4 Player Raid mode. Having another player player join (or leave if some were with you upon activating the glitch) forces the correct amount of players to be seen by the game meaning the mode/glitch is disabled.

So did the four player glitch and did the Dex method and got him to spawn in the first 15 minutes. No Twister or anything really though.

Then 2 more hours and nothing.

Do you have to quit after he spawns and re do the eridium for Dex to get him to spawn again? I’m guessing no but last night I got him to spawn fairly quickly then nothing for a couple hours after that.

I think I will just wait until I’m OP8 to get one as I have spent 8 hours at op6 and have only gotten him to spawn twice and it doesn’t make sense to do all this tedious work for a op6 one.

So long as you haven’t killed all of the UBA Savages they will continue to spawn. Basically whenever OOO Spawns, try to only kill him and not any of the others and you can keep trying. Although this can be a bit of a pain when trying to check the loot he’s dropped.

@BlackHeartV : I didn’t realise you could activate the glitch with another player there as well, I thought it was only when you were playing solo. That should make my tubby/XP farming a little easier.

I’ve gotten two spawns, possibly three, with the Dexi method before running out of patience. And I’m a very patient person.
The norm has been one spawn inside a tolerable timeframe.

There might be a spike which gets ‘used up’ on the first spawn, making it inefficient to keep at it afterwards, but that’s sheer conjecture.
These days I give him 15 minutes to turn up again if I don’t get the drop on the first spawn, then rinse and repeat. It can get old, but that’s what the Steam music player is for.

I didn’t think I was an overly patient person, but I spent 2 1/2 days (probably about 20 hours over that time) trying to get him to spawn, lol. I think I probably need to get out more.

Ooof. Maybe change your choice of farming target, at least?
It can be pretty addictive, though. I do wish they’d tweak the tables a bit so he can’t drop blue-quality Jakobs shotties which aren’t the Twister. It’s a bit cruel when that happens.

Tell me about it. I had a few other blue shotguns while I was farming, got all excited then had a huge let down…story of my life really, lol. I would have changed farming targets earlier but I tend to get quite stubborn, I just refuse to let myself be ‘beaten’ by the RNG, lol. Thankfully I did end up getting 2 twisters on the 3rd day so all good. I’m now having a nightmare of a time farming for a Bekah, tubbies just don’t want to give me anything but COMs at the minute

That has literally been my longest sustained effort to get a specific drop. Even back when I thought the Snorefleet was awesome, I could get one much quicker than I have the Bekah.
Good luck, and congrats on the Twisters.

I’m just bummed because I have actually gotten him to spawn twice and from what I’ve heard the drop rate for the Twister is fairly high. Oh well.

He spawned about 6 or 7 times for me before he actually dropped the twister, just keep at it and eventually he’ll drop it. It’s definitely worth the wait.

Is it possible to get him to spawn if you leave the map and re-enter? My brother and I usually leave the map and re enter so the badasses can level up again, but we’ve never gotten him to spawn. Getting 4 player mode each time is such a pain. >.>

Yes he can that’s the method I have been using.

Alright, thanks. I remember we spawned him once, but they only seem to make it to ultimate when re-entering.

You have to drive further out. I go back to where the dingy spawn is at the bottom of the lodge the. Go back almost to where the Dexidous eridium fireplace is. If you don’t go far enough they won’t re appear as new Badass savages.