Triple Om Run! (First Play through)

Hi, Im a level 50 Psycho and am looking for others to help me farm Triple O, Pm if interested

What is your GT? I can help you sometime. I am a level 72 OP8 Commando. My GT is RadiatedDirp18. Feel free to add me!!

My GT Is TheFlamingCakey

Ok whem are you usually on

Around 5-8 on week days, week neds are ussally 11-6

Ok thanks I wont be on tonight alot tho

Is it possible you could help me finish the second playthroughand get some gear?

Yeah most definitely im on UVHM so itll be easy

You on today?

Yeah Im on today dont know when tho 2:00 sound good?

Ya, I’m on rn if that helps

ok thanks

It says your offline