Triple Pack DLC issue

I recently purchased the Borderlands Triple Pack. One of the DLC’s that I was seriously interested in was Tiny Tina. For some reason that DLC is not available to me. Does “All previously available add-on…” not include this, I also noticed there is another DLC that I would still have to purchase? Am I missing something?

I’ve been trying to find the actual 2K or GBX announcement about this, without success. All the articles, and the one box cover image, seem to imply that it does indeed include “all DLCs for all titles”.

My suggestion would be to go to the in-game “Downloads” menu from the main screen, and take a careful look at the individual items. I pre-ordered BL2 with the season pass, so many items were indicated as “Free” and I could just download them from there.

Make absolutely sure to use the in-game menu, though, and NOT the XBox store menu, or you will end up being asked to pay for things you should get for free.

Here’s the answer that surprisingly I haven’t seen any response to: Mr. Torgue is actually on the Pre-Sequel DLC disc, and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon’s Keep is on the Borderlands 1 DLC disc.


Excellent! You win this week’s Sherlock award! :dukeaffirmative:

Just figured that out today. Finally upgraded my hard drive so that I would have enough space for all the DLC and found Tiny Tina on the Borderlands DLC disc and then the Torque onè on the Pre-sequel disc.

Thanks for the response though.

You are the GOAT.Thx!:grin: