Triple Pack, missing TT and Torgue dlc

Sorry if this is in the wrong place. My brother recently bought the Handsome Collection for his xbox 360. Everything works perfectly so far except there are 2 dlc missing. Tiny Tina and the Torgue dlc show up on the map but have the * by them like he needs to pay for them again. Any ideas? I dont know much about consoles as I play it on the computer but he is upset so I told him I would help him figure it out.

THanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: Sorry he has the Triple Pack, not Handsome Collection, mods please move to rthe right place if needed. The question remains the same, it advertises all available content. Thanks and sorry for the wrong name of the pack he has.

This is the second time I’ve seen someone mention this problem. My suggestion would be to go into the game menu, select the download item, and see if the missing DLCs are listed as free. If not, then have your brother contact Gearbox support ( and file a ticket. I don’t know if @JoeKGBX can add any insight on this?

I think you nailed it here. This would be my advice as well. Feel free to keep me posted @moktarr. I haven’t seen much about this, but if it’s a problem lots of people are having, definitely want to make sure we get it taken care of. Thanks!

Hey guy. I’m the one who is having problems. All the other dlc works fine. I tried the in game download as well and it still prompts me to either redeem code, or purchase them to download.

Have you tried checking the XBL store by chance? Just curious.

Yes sir I did. Still wants payment.

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And I did open a ticket over 24 hours ago but no response as of yet. I’m no sure how long that usually takes.

I would think it shouldn’t be too long. Again, feel free to keep me posted.

In my (limited) experience it typically takes a day or two to get more than the canned auto-response. It does depend a little bit on what else is going on - for example, if there’s just been a launch of a game or DLC.

I’ll just have to keepkeep waiting I guess. Its been about 36 hours since their auto-response.

I wish I had something to report but 50 hours and still nothing other than the auto-response.

Well I just figured it out by reading another post. The Tiny Tina dlc is on the Borderlands 1 add on disc and Mr Torgues i s on the Pre Sequel add on disc. Strange but I’m glad its taken care of. Thanks for the help guys.

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