Triple Screen Setup with new 2.0 Patch

I haven’t got a chance to download the new update but I have heard the game is now better optimized for triple screen setups. I though I read somewhere how the FOV has been improved to help with the stretching on triple screens. I also read in the patch notes where a new command line has been created presumably for multi screen setups “•Command Line: Added -facetCount=XX option. Draws screen in vertical slices to prevent distortion, ‘bends’ the view. Can allow for 360 degree rendering, etc.”

My question is, does anyone have any clear cut instructions on how best to set the game up for multi screen setups now that 2.0 has dropped. When I get home today, I would like to just be able to set up the appropriate options right off the bat to get it going so I’m not researching how to do it all day and I can spend more time playing. :grin:


So, you’ve got 3 screens - portrait? Just, really, really wide? All the same size?

If his setup is like mine, 3 screens NVIDIA Surround (or AMD Eyefinity) landscape mode 5760 x 1080 (or maybe 1440p?).
The stretching on the side monitors (afaik) has to be taken care of by game developers. Although the new Pascal chip supposedly has some kind of fix for this.

EDIT: To clarify, 3 monitors with the horizontal spread out to make a single image.

They are set at 5760x1080.

OK so need clarification on "Command Line: Added -facetCount=XX option. Draws screen in vertical slices to prevent distortion, ‘bends’ the view. Can allow for 360 degree rendering, etc."
Does this reduce side monitor stretching in Surround/Eyefinity setups?
XX = decimal, hexadecimal?

I though I had read somewhere where the 2.0 patch helped with the 5760x1080 resolution to fix some of the stretching on the sides? Maybe I was imagining things?

If so, maybe I’m being dumb here, but how do you add a command line to the target for a Steam install? Properties just gives me a rungameID number…
I was going to play around and plug some numbers in.

in Steam, right-click on your game, click “properties”, “General tab”, “Set launch options…”

So - there’s a small wrinkle. 5760x1080 is actually more than 360 using -facetCount.

That’s because the vertical FOV is 70 - and 5760/1080 = 5.333
Then 70*5.333 is 370+ degrees.

I think that’s only a factor if you use the full 24 facets though (not everyone has a machine with enough power for that).

For a 3 screen setup you can use multiples of 3… 3, 6, 9.

I think 9 will probably look okay - I haven’t ever tried.

In terms of UI - there are new command-line options to move it. This is NOT perfect, and NOT supported, at least in this patch. But it does work, 99%.


Give that a shot. That essentially places all of the UI just in the center monitor.

And please, if you attempt any of this, report back! Post some shots! :slight_smile:


Awesome, can’t wait to play with this when I get off work today! So with the command line -facetCount, what would I put in there for XX? I guess I don’t understand that part. Is that where you would put the suggested 9 for facet count?

Once again, thanks for all this info. I am going to pick up a GTX 1080 soon and I really hope you guys look into supporting the Multi Screen Projection tech Nvidia has implemented with the new pascal cards. From my understanding that is suppose to eliminate all the stretching on the side monitors for surround setups. Once again thank you for all the work you guys have put into Homeworld!

The tech nvidia is showing, and what I did for HWRM are effectively the same thing…

The normal ‘one’ view distorts because you are mapping to a single plane. Instead the ‘facet’ count is how many parts you want it to split the screen in to. I generally run at 24. The trouble in your case may be that your screen is so wide it goes well past 360. I am somewhat worried about what it will do.

Oh ! Excellent ! I will test this too, as I also have a triple-screen setup, but with a rather unusual format (3 * 1280*1024)

Gotcha! Well thanks for all the info. Like I said, when I get home this evening I will play around with all this stuff and post some screen shots. Hopefully this thread will help all the triple monitor guys and gals out so they have one place to get info on all the command lines needed to get them up and going!

I first tried " - facetCount=09":

it does reduce the stretching a little compared to default:

After that things get a little wonky. I tried " -facetCount=18":

but instead of curving the view in towards you more it went the other way. Like the two side monitors were angled away from you instead of towards. This definitely goes too far with the fov because it actually drew a second carrier…:

So I went to " -facetCount=03" but it seemed to stay that way with the side views angled away:

So this can reduce stretching in triple monitor setups by increasing fov. But to really fix the stretching (parallax?) the software needs to directly address this effect. Or maybe the new Pascal GPU can do something (simultaneous multi-projection? or something…).

It looks like facet count 12 or 15 might be the sweet spot then? Can’t wait to play around with this! Have you tried the UI command lines yet to center the UI in the center monitor?

-BackFOV=70 will fix the mismatch between the fore and background… In non-multi-facet views the different FOVs look good - but with any sort of wrap it is odd.

I don’t think you understand the actual issue with ultra wide displays… This is effectively what you’d do - or, alternatively, you can lower (a great deal) the vertical FOV of your game so that the effective horizontal FOV isn’t too far past a reasonable amount…

It is that, or ‘wrap’ the view around using smaller blocks of non-distorting flat views…

No I don’t understand it fully. I had read another article which talked about this without going into much detail. I didn’t know it was so tied in with the fov.

And no, I haven’t tried adjusting the UI yet…

This one is with 12