Triple Screen Setup with new 2.0 Patch

So you are using the ‘actual’ FOV of your screens? It’s pretty weird, right? Like, really cheap VR :wink:


If I read earlier posts right, I measured from my eyes (at my normal view distance) to the outside edges of each monitor and estimated about 165 degrees from center.

You must be really close to your screens to have such a lage FOV, no ? (or you have gigantic screens ^^)

I sit with my eyes about 18" from center screen. Monitors are 24" (ASUS VG248QEs). If I had larger monitors I would increase that number to 180 or more.

Sorry, I meant to say 165 degrees measured from outside edges of monitors. I see how you would think I have huge monitors!

Don’t worry, that’s what I understood the first time ^^
I also have 3 screens but the angle between each of them is perhaps 15° I would say. I suppose your lateral screens have a really bigger angle than mine. That why I was surprised :wink:

Yeah, mine are about 35 degrees.

Ah, yeah, I understand your 165° now. Must be immersive, a lot !

Something about this effect causes part of the HW1 probes to clip out of view of the camera if the camera is locked onto one regardless of how near/far the camera is to it. This is the only ship I’ve noticed this problem with. Probably not a huge deal, but I thought I’d let you know.

Here’s a short video showing what I saw.

Yup - this is a known bug.

Oh, ok, cool.

3984*1024 : -facetCount=9 -facetAutoFOV=90 -BACK_FOV=70

Me gusta beaucoup :heart_eyes:


with the BACK_FOV identical to the “front FOV” this time :

As BitVenom said, really a window into space :slight_smile:

command line used : -facetCount=24 -facetAutoFOV=90 -BACK_FOV=23
formula used for the vertical BACK_FOV :
vFOV = atan( tan(hFOV/2/facet) * height * facet / width ) * 2
so for me : atan( tan(90/2/24) * 1024 * 24 / 3984 ) * 2 = 23°


The UI cli setting fixes the HUD but the ctrl-right click drop down is screwy on my triple setup. anyone else have an issue and fix for the drop down menus?

If the cmd-line for the UI isn’t affecting the right-click, that’s an issue - and the only (likely) fix is when/if we do another patch. I’ll add it to the list!

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is here a chance for next patch? :slight_smile:

Certainly there’s a chance. I have commented on this before, and don’t want to repeat myself too much :slight_smile:


here is a screenshot of the drop down menu issue. running dual 1080’s at 11520x2160. fps is solid 60 with everything on high except for depth of field or HDR Rays, with those on it drops to about 20.

my start options

-BACK_FOV=70 -facetCount=24 -facetAutoFOV=180 -uiLeft=0.34 -uiRight=0.66 -uiTop=0.0 -uiBottom=1.0

the right click was at the location of the red down arrow on the left

Pretty! DoF/Rays are exactly what I’d expect to nuke that res (it is just way, way too much math)… Right-click menus being busted with sub-windowed UI is added to the list :slight_smile:

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getting used to using the keyboard functions instead of the drop down, bit faster. the facet option may make this the best widescreen game available right now, looks incredible. wish other game devs would utilize that feature, virtually no stretching.