Tris and Quads in models

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A question came up in the mod team, about if HWRM and HODOR can handle quads. We’ve got one “no” and many “I don’t know” and some “huh?” in the mix as well.

What has the community played with in regards to this?

Apparently using quads over tris in a model will drastically reduce the poly count and they are rendered more cleanly in-game. Are they even supported?

Everything is triangles, period. Especially with your federation ships, make sure you are triangulating before you export so that you can avoid any shading errors.

A quad is just two triangles. :slight_smile:


Is there a special button in Max for this? :smiley:

From polycount:

“[Add a] “turn to poly” modifier on top of your stack, set the number of sides to 3, export and then you can remove the modifier and go back to working with quads.”


How would you set polys to 3 sides in MAX? …I have turn to mesh, which enables triangles. Nothing for a 3 sided poly.

shrugs Iunno i just googled. This is why I use Blender…just hit ctrl+t. :smiley:

Here’s the official thingy:

And here’s herby’s:

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To work with, or convert to Triangles:
Patch/Spline Editing

  • Edit Patch -

To work directly with Triangles:
Mesh Editing

  • Edit Mesh -

That’s what I’ve been able to figure out. There’s no option to work with 3 sided Polys… which, If you think about it, is an oxymoron since, by definition, a Polygon is not 3 sided.