Triumph in the Borderlands

I dunno where else, or if I even should, post this. I’m a huge fan of both. So… do I:
a) Wanna open a Triumph dealership and name it “Borderlands.”
b) Wanna cruise the badlands on my Scrambler seeking loot and treasure.
c) Wish the robotic Claptrap was more like the Aibo… I could strap him to the back rack and he could take pics and maybe navigate.

Yeah… all three actually.


This looks like a good spot for your post. And I would totally love to ride in Triumph across Pandora! :drum:

Seriously, more variation in vehicle types would be awesome, and that looks totally cool.


Thanks and yeah, me too! That’s an actual Triumph Scrambler, I’ve got a tamer Bonneville. They’re bad a$$. I think it would make a good BL element, bikes.


I mean, MotorMomma has a trike, there’s bikers all over Badass Crater of Baddassitude (not what it’s really called!), and Stingrays are sort-of like moon bikes. So yes.

This was my Dad’s ride when I was young - got to ride on the back of it a few times (when it was running :stuck_out_tongue: ):


O.M.G. - The ORIGINAL. That’s a beauty and worth a small fortune today. They’re a bunch more reliable today, but that was one hot machine. Hey, if Steve McQueen rode it…

We need bikes in BL3. Seriously. Not pansy moto momma trikes, either. Two wheeled street and all terrain eaters with Turbo Boost capability.


On account of I was the girl, my family wouldn’t let me ride. I ripped off my cousin’s YZ80 at seven or eight and taught myself. First purchase from saved nickels was a ratty RL250. I tied gas cans on it, duct taped a flashlight on the bars. Was GONE for days - looting the Borderlands out east and north of El Paso, dragging home treasures I tied to the back. If it was too big I’d rip one of the farm trucks and go retrieve it later. It may be why I loved BL1 so much… Makes me wonder if the original concept was put together by guys who grew up doing similar stuff.