Trixie? Classified as a Sniper? hahahaha

I love how you pepper with poisons from a distance, then people try to close in on you only to found out she tears dps and tanks alike to shreds in seconds thanks to her melee haha.

Attikus or Gali comes in, and Patient Zero and STABSTABSTABSTAB STEAL ALL THE LIFE.



Well I mean. Have you seen Marquis?
Slap Slap.

Yeaahhh, it needs to be nerfed ASAP

I’m glad they finally added a ranged/melee hybrid with effective DOT capabilities.



No, never. She relies on tics at range.

Besides she has a giant goddang needle for an arm, haha. I love building around her melee and then seeing people like rath or phoebe or gali trying to take on trixie in melee but getting wrecked.

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Nah, Its that is just too much, besides, that ain’t fair for shayne and aurox and pendles

They’ve already said she will be toned down next week. Lord only knows what they will do to her. Gonna grab her lore before then and wait for the nerf bat

aw. I was enjoying all the life drain. its not even that the melee damage itself is OP its just that when she PZ’s herself coupled with the injection melee, and helixes, she can go back to max health near instantly.

The catch is that she can’t do crap outsiide of her melee haha. For pure damage i mean.

I do admit its kinda silly that a supposed supporting sniper currently is THE single most dangerous close quarters character in the game, beating out the dedicated melee characters, but hell i’m enjoying it haha.

I say lower her actual damage from the melee if need be, but keep all the life drain.

Didn’t say how they were going to “bring her back in line” so hope for the best but expect the worst

Yeah, her L3 melee lifesteal is kind of ridiculous. I played a match today where a Boldur kept on trying to dive me (both of us at full health), and I was able to solo kill him and be at effectively full health afterwards. I knew this particular guy tilted easily, so I made sure to taunt him, and he kept feeding me kills the whole game. Granted, the guy playing Boldur wasn’t a particularly good player (still rank 100+), but it’s still a bit ridiculous.

Her main issues, IMO, are having a ranged homing silence, having such a long wound duration, and having such high melee lifesteal as an option. Take the homing off the silence, reduce her wound duration considerably (like 1s/3s for unscoped/scoped), and significantly reduce her melee lifesteal option. After that, we can start looking into what she does for her team (e.g. make melee players into gods).

yaknow what? they better not nerf her melee when they let El Dragon stay as a ragned attacker with his stupid clap.

that jumping clap is so bs its not even funny.

Except dragons clap was never a dps improvement over his base melee attack. And “ranged” is a bit of a subjective term as well

he can close the distance immediately then prevent all retaliation by spamming his clap. I almost never see el dragons use his actual melee because the clap is so much more effective.

Either way his freaking clap is sure a hard counter for Trixie haha. It keeps him out of range of her melee and her regular shots are too weak to fight him head on like that.

Her melee is supposed to be for when people get that close, because her actual gun is too slow and weak, her ranged dps comes from tics and buffs/debuffs as well as penetrating multiple enemies.

With the exception of Attikus el dragon is probably the most punishable character for burning there initiation instead of saving it as an escape. If you do use it to go in you got about a 3 second window to do anything before you killed. How do you prevent being attacked by clapping? Clapping is only more effective for when your targets out of reach or your hitting a minion wave. Being able to keep your distance from other melees is a much needed boon as well but you are not doing more damage to a single target by clapping them.

Except bea is probably backlined and has the ability to silence out dragons escape while also moving faster and keeping him slowed. Attikus and gali where much more relevantly terrifying and you can still get counterwounded to mess with your life steal.

But in general I think her melee dam amp or her lifesteal at 3 need toned down. Probably tone down her lifesteal at level 2 as well

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