Troll build - Please delete

Made this as a joke, don’t want to confuse people


I was playing with big boom build similar to this yesterday but with a Vladoff Salvo Launcher + Flakker and it wrecks havoc.

Great build!. Although you might also add in something about self damaging fire weapons since they would be good at setting yourself on fire when you don’t have any barrels to hit.

Ahah the build is mostly for laughs, but it works!


Yeah, i was more like throw a salvo for hit & run and picking the boosters in the process while screaming “DONT FUC**NG DIE!” :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:, my big boom absorbs bullets (15% chance) but it triggers almost all the time given me better survivability.

I’ve played this setup, right after the autopickup hotfix. It definitely works and has been agreed to be legit alternative to MoD, for folks who were active on the Moze topics.

That being said, outside of BBB, it’s tough man. I used to make Redcard and/or Riposte shield work before, run Lemniscate Cmod, play around with odd splash and non splash weapon setups. Right now it’s tough, especially outside of things like BBB, when you actually see the skills trying to work on their own without support and half the time they don’t even work and require a restart.

The sad part here is, this build is suppose to be an 'improvement?" One shield doing all the work, you don’t even have to invest all the way to Vampyr. I thought the idea was no 1 item should carry a VH. Not hex, not BBB, not Transformer.

Remove the BBB, watch how this ‘build’ falls apart.

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Was wondering if any other Moze used the Big Big Blaster.

What I don’t get is why does Gear Box hate Moze so much? They keep making her worse and worse and still have yet to actually buff Iron bear

Nah I made the build mostly as satire, I don’t think it’s practicable or that anyone should be playing it. Having said this the Big Boom Blaster is crazy good for Moze and I think it should be the new standard for demolition woman or bloodletter builds that use grenades

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I don’t like the very idea of BBB, though… You don’t have to invest in any DW skills to get DW level sustain when you use BBB… BBB is basically a shield version of a DW full build. Demolition woman build compressed into a shield ready for use, no thought.

Might as well bring hex spam back.

If you want grenade spam while moving you need Demolition woman skills + big Boom blaster + a weapon like the ogre. The 60% shield regen is also op for bloodletter type builds but I don’t run those since I prefer more of a demolition woman / infinite ammo setup with the ogre and the 100% splash damage mod. I just go shield of retribution for the 10% fire dmg on crits.

I think I run the same build as you. I never got into the SoR Bloodletter, but I have the setup for it. BM/DW is what I usually end up with.

I’ve tried BBB. I was excited for it when autopickup got hotfixed. The more I played it over that week, the more it felt like Hex, gear carrying you with minimal synergy investment. At least hex requires you to go all the way down to Vampyr. BBB? redistribution, MoD, your done.

Yeh I think the bloodletter is mostly a crutch with a grenade build, you can do more dmg with the Blastmaster. But I do think the BBB works well with vampyr in a Blastmaster build since with one you can heal your hp pool and the BBB adds 60% shield with every drop. Anyways it’s the top shield for moze now for anything relatively Grenade related.

The issue for me is, BBB and to some degree Transformer are the go-to right now, whereas, I can play around with Riposte, WTF, Redcard before and make them work and be enjoyably playable.

No biggie, I’m not mad. I’m just trying to find my playstyle with moze right now.

This hex or nothing, bbb or nothing stuff that I don’t like… It’s not always the case and usually exaggerated, but, right now, it’s a hell of a lot tougher to make odd builds work. Much more liberty to try things, pre event.


I appreciate your video above. It’s definitely a neat “strategy” and build concept with the latest “changes” made. I MAY give it a try later (no promises - MAYBE at best).

I’ll try to be as brief with this as I can.

When car manufacturers release a new model, they don’t “put it on the shelves” the first chance they get without EXTENSIVE testing, do they? No, otherwise the car could have MAJOR faults/recalls (not working as intended). Yes, I know no one’s life is at stake during a video game, but the principles are fairly the same. Anytime a car does have a recall, the manufacturer/dealership repair the vehicle at no cost. They also don’t release their cars to hastily just to have faults/recalls appear within the FIRST MONTH or two (I assume this is the case). If there’s a recall for your car, the dealership will fix it for free, but is Gearbox going to give anyone their money back? No “patch notes” thus far about anyone receiving their $60/40/.01 back. Gearbox got our money, and it’s theirs now.

Destiny 2 continues to undergo changes, but most of what I’ve seen/heard lately has been tied to weapons, and not purely mechanics (please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong - I have not paid much attention to this game during the past few months/year). The first MAJOR change I’d say Destiny 2 underwent was during the release of Forsaken content - when they implemented random weapon/gear rolls. This change was ONE YEAR after the game’s release, not the FIRST TWO MONTHS.

As I’ve said before, I think cross-play may be the best answer for all of this. Don’t you think an argument/backlash from a MULTI-BILLION dollar company(s) AND the player base would carry more weight than just the consumers who ALREADY PAID FOR THE GAME!? I imagine car manufacturers don’t enjoy being in the news or Congress “breathing down their neck” during a recall or SERIOUS accident.

As for myself, these past few games have really been more of a learning experience than anything else, honestly. After a disappointing season pass, and two other “guinea pig” experiences (Borderlands 3 coming BEFORE the first DLC was released), I don’t think I’ll be buying games at release any more without SERIOUS consideration first. Most likely, I’ll try and wait to see how the first 3 months (maybe longer) play out before making a decision.

Last question. In your video above, I’m pretty sure there were no anointed adds present. What happens if 1 or 2 show up and they use their “purple homing ball” on you? You certainly CANNOT stand still for that attack.

Still at work today (currently 8PM EST), and I just saw you edited your post/video to be a “joke build” (fair enough). So please consider “my last question” with a VERY SMALL grain of salt. Even still, why would grenade spam be an option pre/post patch if they nerfed the gear, the MoD (and quite possibly Vampyr, due to fewer grenades) talent(s) to be practically useless, and the best someone can do is make a “clown build”? Still seems like less build diversity, in my opinion.

Sorry for the late reply, just saw this. I see what you mean, it’s definitely disappointing that such obvious mistakes get past the testing that they should have done, especially when people have to put in so much time to make a build. However, grenade moze is 100% still an option and probably the best option out there for Moze (if you use the big boom blaster) I uploaded a video of me running the build in 5 rounds slaughter shaft with a Demolition Moze and nasty modifiers like 5% reflect chance, 2 extra projectiles, extra enemy explosion radius and those annoying ghosts. You can face-tank groups of enemies, ofc you go down a few times, but the grenades can reach almost anywhere to get you back up. I think these changes were for the better, just have to put the time back in to farm for a Big Boom Blaster.

Luckily, I found a BBB shortly after 10-24-19, and I’m probably going to try some combo of my 18-proc Atlas 'nade with shield/COM/skills soon, but it’ll take a little bit of time to try and make a decent setup before I start testing. Don’t worry, if I clear SS, I’ll probably mention it on one of the various threads I’ve been watching.

And hopefully 10-31-19 or 11-7-19 doesn’t mess it all up for me/anyone else. Who knows what’ll come next.

What’s Otto Idol do btw? I saw your other thread and saw you mentioned it’s great for your build, but I’m unfamiliar with the item.


A relic that gives 18% health anytime you kill an enemy.


FYI Colossum, I’ve only tried a possible build for a few minutes, so there’s definitely more to learn, but I’m about 99% positive that not all BBB pickups reward you with a grenade every time if the pickups are to close together. Already seen multiple instances of this occur in my first few minutes.

The additional healing from Vampyr seems to work from my 18-proc Atlas, but I’ve actually counted multiple BBB drops on the floor in front of me, and seen less grenades than I should have (just a moment ago, I saw 2 drops on the ground and went from 5 to 6 grenades). If the pickups were cash, they would pickup almost simultaneously if I run from “A - B” (straight line from one to the next). They would definitely pick up at the same time if I ran BETWEEN A/B (A | B, the “|” being Moze).

Have you had a similar experience with this? Anyone else notice BBB pickups not trigger correctly? I assume the pickup is incorrect because the shield tooltip reads, “…drop a booster that restores 60% shield, a grenade, AND heavy ammo.” Key word “AND”, not “or”.

Gearbox, BL3 community, has anyone seen this in their game, or is there something else I’m missing?

I tested again during the last question - 3 drops, went from 4 to 6 grenades, with all drops being pretty close together.

Please look have a look at BBB dev’s.

POST EDIT: Ignore drop pickup request, I did not realize that my BBB has a second booster drop on my shield (increased weapon damage).


So after some serious consideration about a new talent build with my existing gear, I’ve managed to run BBB, bloodletter, and deathless with my 18-proc Atlas 'nade, with a 21/18/9 build (blue/red/green), 21k+ shields, and completed Round 3 SS Mayhem 3 on my first attempt. I’m definitely going to try more of this soon, but I need to get to bed.

Thanks to all who helped shed some light on splash damage/mechanics (my new Atlas grenade can do some work with Vampyr), and… dare I say it… highlighting other talents that also help carry the weight. Ogre + pretty much all the incendiary talents between the 3 trees + Redistribution, and it just seems to never run out of ammo (and I only have 1/1 Redistribution since I’m running Bloodletter).

Now I just need to get used to using my Iron/Auto Bear more often so I can have a cuddly tank/distraction on the battlefield (I skipped Torgue Promo since it seems kind of pointless with no additional damage, so I spent 3 points in Grizzled for extra Bear usage). SS completion doesn’t seem so far off now.