Trolling, Inactivity, Quitting, Not Reviving

Sitting in a game right now as I write this because players going inactive or trolling, purposely not standing on the pads that advance the story.

There is no option to vote kick so the only option is to leave or wait for the trolling player to leave which is a bigger problem. This issue was in Diablo 2 with players entering games and with no option to kick players who were ruining the experience of other players then the only option is to wait or leave and restart your progress hoping to not have the same thing repeat in another game.

Do I at least get to keep the loot I collected if I leave because of trolling players?

Edit: He may not be completely trolling as he is stuck behind the stairway in the ice cave on Algorithm using a big character. As Orendi, I can easily move under the stairs between the space of the rails.

Yes please. Need troll kick options. Before the game launches.

Only potential problem with this is people who kick just TO be a troll.

If it’s a vote then it won’t be a huge problem.

Agreed. Should be rare.

I had the same problem. Guy went afk for 15 min or more and we couldn’t progress

I remember there were voting options in the CTT. Are they still around? I haven’t paid attention.

a “Vote to Kick player X” option would be nice.

Just had a match where a player went inactive. I don’t understand why there isn’t a vote to kick option? The game acknowledges that a player has gone “inactive” and the players currently trying to progress the mission can’t because of the AFK’er. I see this as a potential problem with people who want to use matchmaking to play the cooperative story and not private matches/solo, I literally turned on my computer and hit the forums just to see if this very topic had been raised.

Are there no mods to see this? Has this already been addressed? Will it be addressed?

My fastest times for the current mission available right now are sitting just a bit over 25 minutes, it takes the game somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes to acknowledge that a player is currently inactive. Seems to take another 5 to 10 minutes for an actual boot to occur.

Encountered another player who simply refused to step on the pads.