Trolls in co-op

I was just in a PSN game with a troll that used up all the extra lives killing himself and refusing to stand on the activators. Co-op needs to stop sharing lives.

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sharing lives is fine, just add a vote kick option in campaign


What if for example theres multiple level 100’s paired with one or two low levels and it their first time. They could do bad which would lead to them being kicked unfairly

You can res falling players without using a life. I’ve not seen an issue with players not trying to res down players. So it wouldn’t be like 2 mistakes and the new player is out.

I’ve had a few instances where players would die and automatically revive themself and use up a life. Not sure if it was due to inexperience or trolling as I didn’t pay attention to said players CR before the mission started.
But I agree, it can definitely be frustrating…

Now the activation pads is obvious trolling and I’ve seen that a few times before as well (ps4) some people just get a huge kick out of harassing other players. I’ve noticed it happen when players use the marker icon on the activator pads and apparently it makes the said troll mad or upset so they retaliate? Not sure because I don’t understand that behavior for the life of me…
My tactic for that is to just be patient and not give any sort of reaction, because that’s all trolls want is some form of reaction out of people…

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I see no reason to not have a kick vote for trolls, but I definitely do not want GBX to change the life sharing because some people don’t know how to act like human beings. I really don’t think it is the responsibility of game developers to make their games troll-proof beyond giving players the ability to vote to kick people from their games.

I know something is in the works for the activation platforms so that a team can move forward when someone refuses to step on their designated platform, but I haven’t heard anything yet regarding people who suicide in match to grief other players. I remember back when they used to call such behavior in games griefing instead of trolling.

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Yeah I remember grieving as well. Slang changes fast with the younger generation and ya gotta keep up or you seem out of touch. I get enough crap from younger gamer friends online. The last thing I need is to use outdated terms. :wink: