Trophies completely out of wack

I wish they could reboot their trophy system on ps4

this game has the longest hardest to obtain bronze trophies of almost any game in existence

lore challenges, across the board, have ultra rare status with most of them under 1% completion by BBorn owners. Top handlful are 1-3%.

More telling is the story modes stuff:
hardcore stories: only .4%
advanced: 1.2%
stories in general only completed by 35-50% of players depending on map

only 13% of players have even done 30 story/versus matches/missions

only 27% have ever activated a piece of legendary gear

I mean c’mon man, this is telling stuff. Lore challenges are WAY too excessive and nobody is bothering with them. They need to be chopped down to the time appropriate for a bronze and for players to actually care.

half of 1% of players on the vast majority of the lore challenges. PLATINUMS have that frequency, or higher, in most games.

Anyways achievements and trophies can be addictive if they feel fun and feasible. Just providing feedback to maybe get these adjusted. I mean most bronzes are like token amounts of time. These are hours and hours each.

p.s. overall the entire game feels like it was designed around an assumption that it would be more addictive than league of legends so they made everything a massive grind for ‘stuff to do’

No, the challenges are fine. The playerbase however, is not. Most people who own the game do not play it at all, which leads to abysmal numbers in achievement completion percentages.


Even if you look at other big name games, plenty of people don’t even bother. I remember there being like a 80 or 70% completion rate for reaching level 5 in BL2, and like a 60 somethin percent rate for beating story mission 1 in B03. So I’m general I think looking at trophy completion rate is unreliable. Not unless there’s someway to filter it, like by hours into game or time spent in each game mode, if the game is actually owned etc.

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thousands of people bought the game and the current player number on PC is on 100 people, with a 24 hour peak of 300. percentage is not reliable at all. Lore challenges WERE hard, but now they are way easier (instead of 25 kills you only need 5 assist or something etc). Especially with bots battle counting for the lore. It takes a while but it’s not very hard.

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The challenges are fine. The fact that they have such low completion rates just means that the vast majority of people who bought and played the game even once didn’t end up playing very much. This game has an incredibly high churn/abandon rate…a lot of folks just didn’t care for it.

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It’s the same over on XB1. Most of the achievements for BB are around the 1-3% of players mark. Compare that with “kill X very large enemies” in Fallout 4 which was around 30% IIRC. Curiously, most the the BL2 achievements are in the low single digit %. This sounds odd until you realise that the BL2 version for XB1 hasn’t been out that long, and it counts as a new game as far as achievements go (so I now have 100% BL2 TWICE OVER on the same profile.)

One thing not clear to me - is it % of people who’ve played the game, or % of unique accounts? I’m guessing it would have to be the former as otherwise a lot of things would be super rar (< 1%)?

The Lore Completionist Trophies… well it comes from one out of too things…

Either People not Trying because they include RNG (Kill/Assist in Killing XXX, I hear these won’t unlock Vs. Bots, but can’t tell since I got them all before Bots Battles were a thing) and seem too time consuming.


They don’t even know that every character has his own personal challenges.

Maybe sometimes they don’t know and once they see it they’re like “Hell no!” and just go on playing for fun.

I for my Part don’t even bother too much with the rank of the Trophy cause were are really easy Gold and really hard Bronce… or at least quick to gain Gold Vs. “Taking-Up-Your-Whole-Free-Time-Just-for-Bronce” Trophies.

It’s more the Plat and/or 100 % counts for me, just so I get this “Everything mentionable done” feeling when looking at it. :smile: