Trophies never popped after playing free weekend

I played the free weekend a while back and got to level 12, didn’t want to play anymore as I knew I would buy game.

Got game before christmas and finally got round to playing it and expected trophies to auto pop as I played the free weekend and hit targets for level 2 and 10 but nothing popped, played and opened a gold chest thinking that trophy might trigger the others but gold chest popped but nothing else.

If I knew this was going to happen I wouldn’t of bothered playing the free weekend.

Has anyone else had this happen and is there a way round without starting a new character?

I had the same issue with the remaster for bl1 with the free weekend on ps4. No way to work around it that I know of other than starting a new character

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Are you still lvl 12? It should pop up once you level up.


I played all the way up to level 15 and they still never popped and either did the weapon knife attack and all the mission ones up to where I was, had to start a new character to get trophies to pop then switched back when I was up to about the same point in story.

I won’t be playing anymore free weekends on games as Fallout 76 done the same.

Infamous 2 on PS3 never had this problem, trophies popped on that but never showed on your account until you played the full purchased game then they showed up to other people.

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Instead of starting new char, you could test if the trophy would pop up once reaching the next one (lvl 25).

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I know but I don’t want them popping out of order and even if they did pop at level 25 it would look like I have used a game save to get them and I don’t want that.

I popped a couple of others hoping it would trigger them and it never.