Trophies not popping for Player 2 in Splitscreen

So I have been playing through the entire BL2/DLC as a second player on splitscreen. I have jumped on solo to get some trophies my friend is not willing to get. After we hit max level, I started my solo playthrough over to get some specific loot at max level. We keep his playthrough as is. So I was playing with him as host and completed a handful of quests in the Captain Scarlett’s DLC that we hadn’t finished. I had completed every sidequest alongside him and finished the final one tonight. And the Completionist trophy popped for him, but not me. Does having the quests active/incomplete in my solo playthrough somehow prevent them from counting towards the trophy if he’s the host? If this is the case would I only need to complete the ones we did after I reset my own playthrough or would I have to do all of them on my own? I was annoyed at this and kinda don’t want to have to redo an entire DLC for one trophy that doesn’t even count towards platinum. So I moved on to the Tiny Tina DLC, where I noticed I didn’t have the It’s Like That One Video trophy, so I went and killed The Darkness. A dozen times. No trophy. Again, I have my solo playthrough in the Mines of Avarice, so this one I could feasibly get solo relatively quickly. But any time I get the kill on The Darkness in his lobby, I don’t get the trophy.

I’m really hoping the other DLC completion trophies pop for me in his lobby because we have completed the entire game and all DLC together, and I’m just wrapping up a handful of trophies at the end now. It seems strange because I had my solo playthrough reset already and still got trophies like Make It Raaaaid and Rollin Rollin Rollin in his lobby.

Please someone help I wanted to get 100% trophies for this game and I’m only a handful short

You need finish all side quest in one playthrough like TVHM. If you do some mission in UVHM, then reset playthrough and finish the rest the trophy will not pop up.

For The Darkness try killing it solo in your game and trophy should pop up.

And I would suggest using a Magic Missile (x2 is fine) grenade to do so if you have one, 'cos reasons.

MM was in my original post, but it’s not necessary for trophy.

True. But if you want to (spoiler redacted) it’s the best way!

This is what I’m saying, I did all the sidequests in one playthrough of UVHM. We played every sidequest in the whole DLC together. I have my solo UVHM reset with only one or two quests done, as I wanted a Rustler’s Orphan Maker. So in his hosted game, we both did all the sidequests, in one playthrough. He got the trophy, I didn’t.

Did you get all the bottles/treasure chests in that run? Those are easy to miss since the only indicator is the ! on the map.

Yeah I double checked on the completed quests and all the Message In a Bottle quests were there

I’m assuming you got all the raid bosses and the second crack at the treasure room. If so and it’s still not popping, I’m not sure. It may be something as simple as a glitchy connection to the PS servers. There should be a complete list of side quests on the Borderlands Wiki for a quick cross-check.