Trophy Completion (Did it all)

Who wants to team up and try to get the did it all trophy with me? I have 83% of the trophies, and the ones I’m missing are mainly the ones that require you to do all the side missions. So hopefully we can all get the trophy together; but idk if only the host gets it, hopefully not. I can also help you out on getting trophies you’re missing. So comment or add me: the1and500 if you’re interested.

Can I join


The “did it all” trophy requires you to complete all the side missions in the main game. It’s not for getting all of the other trophies, but other than that I basically need the same trophies as you (I’m also at 83%) along with the “challenge accepted” trophy. I’ll join as well if there aren’t any level requirements. All my characters are level 72, and my main character is my gunzerker.

I have that one. the easiest trophy I have to do is Murderlin’s temple.

I have that one. Doesn’t mean I can’t help you get it though. The trophies I need are Motorhead, Completionist, Been there, and Done that. Voracidous, and Gee both pose a problem for me. I also still need challenge accepted.

It’ll be easy since I’ll have to put it to OP0 since you’re only level 72, and All of my characters are OP8.

Yeah that’ll make it pretty easy. I’ll shoot you a friend request on PSN then. My online id is BackOffoRDie, just so you know who I am when I send the request.