Trophy Help sub level 13

(a7xfanboi) #1

Looking for one player to finish sub level zero with 4 players, just need someone to join and finish the mission to unlock, anyone needing help message me, my psn is DorgimusDalius :slight_smile:

(Selling England by the Pound) #2

Just for your reference, this can be done solo with one controller.

(a7xfanboi) #3

I know but unfortunately I don’t have another controller and all 3 of us playing are needing it XD

(Selling England by the Pound) #4

You can do it with one, as I said.

(a7xfanboi) #5

Are you on ps4 would you be willing to give it a go with us?

(Is this thing on?) #6

Moved you to the correct section.

(Selling England by the Pound) #7

I’m on PS4 and Xbox. However I have no interest in assisting with something that can be done alone.