Trophy issue, named locations

It’s too little too late in my books. I’m done with 2k because of this. I used to love trophy hunting and this bugged locations trophies have turned what used to be fun into submitting tickets, looking at the screen wondering why I even play video games, the pastime I used to love turned into frustration, having to deal with a corporation ticket system for a broken product for a broken developers game that was once great but was ruined by trophies that do not work. I appreciate all the dev’s who put in the effort to try make this game great. But its over. The dream is over. I want all my bl3 trophies erased. I want the game erased from my memory. Here’s a piece of advice; if your trophies dont work you’re not a triple a studio, you are a failure and disgrace to the community


I can understand people getting frustrated and I do really appreciate all the hard work the developers have put into the game.
It is annoying though that at one point the trophy did work and what makes things worse that they are constantly releasing PAID DLC without fixing the base game. I just don’t think they have got there priorities set straight looking after their fan base and community. Real big let down!


Please help - last trophy and it will not pop. Long time loyal fan

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  • Addressed a reported concern that sometimes caused Trophies / Achievements to remain locked when all named locations were discovered
  • Retroactively awarded Trophies / Achievements to players that met the requirements

False. I loaded in for my platinum that I earned back in May, the location trophies for the planets popped, but “Master of all you Survey” did not. I went through destroyer’s rift to see if I had to go to a location to get it to pop, but nothing.


GBX is aware that this one Trophy still hasn’t triggered, and is looking into a robust fix. No ETA on that, unfortunately, but it won’t be earlier than the next update (whenever that drops.)

Not soon enough, I can tell you that much.
My programming is sub basic, but doesn’t a simple IF statement kind of fix this problem though?
IF variable_locations = 223 THEN Master_of_all_you_survey = Awarded type thing?
I know and appreciate that the team is working on getting out more amazing DLC and content… but it really feels like this is should be a quick fix.

Same here, my missing trophies appeared. They all unlocked as expected but now the overall “Master of all you survey” trophy didn’t unlock

If the solution was that simple, it would likely have been working correctly from day 1. Which it wasn’t - I got ‘Master of all’ unlocked before getting all of the planetary ones. :man_shrugging: I suspect there’s something weird going on when the code goes to notify the system that a trophy/achievement requirement has been met. We’d need someone who’s actually coded a game with UE4 to comment how that works though.

Gogogo almost 1 year left


With the new patch, the bug with the last trophy was finally fixed. It was about time. Immediately after installing the patch and starting the game, I got the trophy and then also platinum, because this was the last one I was missing for it. I hope that all users who have had the problem so far have finally resolved it.


Worked for me as well.

Whoever fixed that glitch… Thank you!

Platinum acquired!

Fixed and platinum!
Thank you

Hello all. Not sure if this will help you but this is what happened to me.
I went through all the locations three times having all 233 locations. I spent about 4 days trying to get the survey trophy which was the last trophy I need to get for the platinum. Eventually I got so angry that I gave up and played Batman Arkham Knight for a week. I went to do more research and loaded up the game, as soon as I loaded in to an actual place, (somewhere on pandora), I heard the notification and looked up and saw that I got both trophies. I don’t know if it had to do with me leaving it for a week or if it had to do with the location I spawned in which was The Splinterlands. Maybe try going to Pitts Stop or the Chop shop, then leaving the entire game, maybe even restarting the whole console, then loading back in. But that’s the best information I have. Good luck to you all. I hope this helps.