Trophy not popping - Game in French


Just sharing an experience on BL GOTY.
I had some issues with a trophy not coming up, the “Careful, he bites” trophy with Mordecai.
I’m playing in France, therefore the game is in French too (trophy called “Attention, elle mord”).
Although I created 4 characters, I killed more than 15 enemies with each of those, the trophy still didn’t come.
Finally I tried to switch the console language to English, so that the game would also be in English.
And BAM ! I just had to kill one single enemy with one of my profiles and the trophy finally came!

So, if you ever face this issue, you might give this a try.


PS: I still have the issue of the Flynt trophy not coming up either, I’ll try killing him again, just in case.

There was the same issue in the Xbox 360/PS3 French version too.