Trouble farming pyro pete.. feel so noob

Hey guys! Everywere i read about how simple pyro pete is to farm seraph crystals. And i just cant seem to beat him!
Im a siren, op5. Farm him on op0.
My gear is a bee op5 dpuh op5 thunderball fist op4 sandhawk op2. Got some other gear but all with fire and he is immune to fire and corrosion?
I just cant even get trough his shield!!
I tried to ger to higher ground with the granate jump but he simply jumpes after me and kill me up there…
Can anyone please give me some advice on how to kill him. I know im doing something wrong but cant figure out what.

Oh btw i prefer not to use glitches right on…

I feel your pain. I’ve been in the exact same situation - frustrated as all get out over this supposed “easy” farm. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Pete’s shield is HUGE. About the only way to solo down the shield without running completely out of ammo is Bee-Hawking. I’ve tried a bunch of other weapons, but a shock Sand Hawk really is the most efficient choice. If you can get one with a “Flying” prefix, even better; I don’t have that much patience, so I generally take the first shock Sand Hawk I get.
  • Quasars (or a purple Tesla if you don’t have a Quasar) are also very effective, especially given how slow moving Pete is. (Axton’s turrets also seem to be irresitable lures into Tesla traps). Alternate with a Tiny Tina grenade of any kind for grenade regen purposes.
    *Helmet: you need to get that helmet off sooner so that the fight is not needlessly prolonged. A Trespasser sniper rifle (mission reward blue unique) can bypass the shield. It can take a few shots at level 72 but, once his helmet is off, things go better.
  • NOVAS: probably the biggest deal of all. The trick is to break line-of-sight: if you can see Pete, his novas will hit and hurt you hard. There are several ways to do this:
    • You can kite him around the scaffolding holding up the hut (although this is tricky to pull off)
    • You can jump up to the hut: hide inside and make sure you’re not looking through the door or window when his novas trigger, or you’ll get the status effect anyway
    • If he jumps up to the hut, you can jump down: retreat under the cover of the hut floor above you and you’ll be safe from his novas
    • If you should take nova damage, always use the valve to the RIGHT of the fight board: spiderants are easier to deal with than rats. Plus, you can activate kill skills off them, so don’t wipe them all out in one go.
    • You can also jump up at other points around the room and use the larger side pillars to hide behind. Timing is everything though: you can’t stay their since Pete WILL jump up and pin you.
    • Learn the nova signal: this is Pete using both arms like pile drivers or pneumatic drills into the ground, As soon as you see him start this, break line of sight by hiding behind something.
  • THE HUT It’s my personal preferred strategy, because my reflexes aren’t good enough for some of the braver approaches. When Pete jumps up, several things can happen:
    • He can miss the ledge and just fall back down again
    • He can get stuck on the railing in front of the window: this means you’ll need to position yourself at one doorway or the other so you can duck behind the wall whenever he fires off novas
    • He can get stuck on the roof on one side or the other: in this case, I usually jump down and have at him from below; he can stay stuck up there for pretty much the entire fight, although he will occasionally get unstuck
    • He can show up at either door: retreat to the other door, and deke behind the wall as soon as he starts priming his nova. You can also jump down, which will generally get him to do the same.

One thing I found more or less by accident is that one of the seraph shields you can get from Pete can drop shield boosters. If you get one of these and learn the sound indicating a booster drop, you can grab them in mid-air as they shoot out in front of you. I’ve actually managed to use this to tank out the nova DoT when I was at one door of the hut and Pete was at the other.

Once Pete’s shield is down, repeated hits from an Unkempt Harold will eventually take out his health bar. If you don’t have the Double Penetrating prefix, an Intense one hits really hard and can have a better fire rate.

And that’s about it. It takes some practice, and it’s easy to make a mistake and goof up every now and then, but I can assure that it IS doable.


Wow thanx so much! Im gonna read it all twice before my next attempt. :slight_smile:
I was wondering tho, is my sandhawk op2 enough?
Otherwise i need to reset the story what brings me to my 2nd questio… how often during OP runs do i need to reset the story line?
And last, is pyro still the easiest way to farm seraph crystals without using glitches?

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If your goal is to get seraph crystals, I’d suggest first using your OP2 gear but select OP0 for your session. That’ll give you a better chance to learn the ropes of the fight.

I don’t have a whole lot of experience with OP levels (essentially none!) but what I’ve seen suggests re-farming by OP3 or OP4 (depending on how you feel about your gear and performance).

Absolutely. You can only get seraph crystals in UVHM (although you can spend them once you’ve got them in any mode). Pete is by far the easiest to solo at level.

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Solid advice there! I’ll just add a link to a clip where I fought Pete. It illustrates much of what was said by @VaultHunter101.


@calendrigame What platform do you play on? If you’re on Xbox One I might be able to help you farm him.


As usual VaultHunter101 covered all the details. :slight_smile:

My commentary from when I was in your position is that it’s fairly easy to get the hang of the fight. You’ll probably die the first 2-3 times you try it, but then you’ll know what Pete’s nova signal looks like and have a pretty good idea of timing. I just kite him around the room, making a point of being next to the scaffolding when it’s nova time. Sometimes this means one doesn’t do the full circle of the room (cutting across the middle because you know you’re low on time); sometimes it means dancing back and forth around the scaffolding because you got there a bit too soon.

Even once I had the fight figured out, perfect runs were rare. Getting hit by a nova once or twice isn’t the end of the world, just summon the spiderants and clear the DoT and try to get back into the rhythm of the fight.

Gear - in my experience neither the Trespasser nor the Flying prefix on the shock Sandhawk are necessary for Maya. I used a few Storm Fronts to start the fight. Pete’s slow so he stays in their area for quite a while.

Using the shock Sandhawk, Bee, and Legendary Cat (all level 72 - I did my Pete farming before ever visiting the Peak), I could reliably break his shield at about the time he does his first nova. That’s important because breaking the shield also triggers him to nova, so you need to be able to duck back into cover. Once the shield is down, you’ll knock his helmet off almost immediately and the rest of the fight should be pretty easy.

Never. Reset if you want to, but it’s not required. Handsome_Dad has a post about Maya clearing the Peak using only easily farmed gear like the Lyuda, Hornet, etc. What I’m doing (very slowly) is using a few quest rewards like the Pimpernel to start off, and transitioning to something like a Lady Fist and Lyuda setup once the Pimp doesn’t get the job done anymore. Which could be now (OP4); I’m not exactly putting a lot of effort into the Peak climb. :slight_smile:

Killing Pete roughly ten times so that you can buy a seraph item will definitely help if you’re stuck. An OP3 Antagonist made a big difference back when my Maya did the OP3 to 4 Peak run.


I feel you man. Started trying to farm him solo myself a couple weeks ago on my only toon who’s gotten to uvhm, maya. Was at op2 or 3. Even with him set to 72 it was pretty rough at first. Ended up resorting to using the grenade jump up to the second floor glitch to get enough crystals for a Florentine. (because that’s what I really wanted, lol.) Then stopped trying for awhile.

Managed to beat him legitimately eventually. Took quite a few attempts. Novas are killer and I was pretty much dead if I didn’t make it to the hidey holes in time. The scaffolding or what ever they are you can use to block his blasts. At op6 now and still haven’t managed to beat him solo, legit, while he’s at my level. Working on last couple op levels though go probably won’t go back until I hit op8.

Best of luck though. These guys with the earlier posts seem to have given the best advice already. I just wanted to throw in my experience to et you know you’re not alone in struggling. I’m not one to really play co-op very much. Especially while I’m till trying to reach op8. Just want the satisfaction of having done it myself legitimately, ya know? I’ve played this long solo and haven’t used coop for more than a couple trades here and there. Will probably get into it once I’m at max level. I hope to be able to solo most if not all of the raid bosses at least once. I’m rambling though.

Good luck man. Patience and repetition is key in all things borderlands 2. Lol. But seriously.


@VaultHunter101 broke it down really well… I’ll just add what works for me… I find the scaffolding to be the key to dodge the novas. I would use a shock sand hawk and bee to pop his shield down, looking for the nova animation and then ducking in the scaffolding to break LOS. There’s one section of scaffolding that has a metal plate and then open scaffolding, that metal plate is the key to breaking LOS and Pete can never go behind it. However, he can hit you with splash and dots there. I also use this spot when his shield goes down to avoid his double nova at that time. I don’t just kite in that spot because you don’t get enough shots off… After a nova, I’ll go out the other end and then out into the arena, keeping my distance and popping off sandhawk bursts… After two of his regular attacks, I know he can do a nova from there on, so back to the kiting spot for whenever that comes and then I repeat…


Thanks alot guys for all the tips. I really looking forward to reach OP 8… but might take a while im afraid lol.

@Worblehat That was indeed the idea :slight_smile: Wanted an antagonist shield for futher progress.

Btw yesterday i beat PP! But with help of my friend who plays Gunzerker. It took us 5 tries tho so we quit right after hehe. I only have a fire and corrosive sandhawk lvl 2. That was the reason i was thinking about resetting it. But i will check out the post from Handsome_Dad for the OP runs and gear! :smile:

@fredbedmo Im playing on Xbox one. But im a casual player. Have the xbox on during the day but i also have 2 small childeren, so normaly im stuck to playing in the evening and during the day only small runs. Any help is always welcome tho. Hope to see you online sometimes!
My GT is CarandaXaKira


I’ll send you a message. Just to clarify, are you playing the Handsome Collection version or the Xbox 360 version backward compatible?

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My approach is pretty much what @ChemicalConundrum uses but a tip on the scaffolding- you can shoot Pete when you’re behind it and none of his tossed fire or acid attacks will hit you- but his novas still can. Just duck behind the metal plate when h starts his ground pound and you’ll be safe. Also, I favor popping his helmet off at the start with a Bee+Trespasser- I’ve found that a level 72 Trespasser will work reliably up to about OP5, 40% at OP6 and pretty much not at all at OP7-8…


They’ll barely graze him, whereas a shock version can break his shield on OP8 before he hits the first nova cycle if you Trespass his helmet off. With that in mind, have you gotten a Lady Fist yet on your Maya?
If you Trespass him (that sounds wrong somehow) and can consistently crit with a shock Lady Fist, you shouldn’t have too much trouble on OP0 even without the shock Sand Hawk.

Beyond that you just need to learn the timing for his novas, that’ll become second nature soon since they’re on a set cycle in relation to when the waterfalls become available (30 seconds/40 seconds), the exception being when you break his shield.
If you want a visible timer you can open an ammo station and use its countdown to help you.
Once you get the hang of him the fight is going to become a mere boring chore, he has a ton of health and shields and that’s pretty much it.

Mind you, if you’re after crystals you’ll get more from the Darguns of Derp and they’re a pushover for Maya with the Thoughtlock tactic.


Also, after killing Pete, don’t forget about the two red chests in the room above where you break Moxxi out during the story missions! In my early Pete-farming days, I had totally forgotten about them. :slight_smile:


Playing the HC version :slight_smile:

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@cioran well when i got the lady fist didnt know i could get different versions… i got a normal on lvl 72 and i sold it…
But in case i want a new one, can i reset the story and play it on op0 for now accept the important quests? Or do i need to finish the whole story on op6 (yes i beat another run jayđź’Ş), to get quest rewards like the ladyfist on op6?


You have to accept the quest at the highest level you want it at. You can change down to OP0 for the actual killing and stuff, and switch it back to whatever level you want the reward at before handing it in


What @fredbedmo said. Mind you, that’ll just feel like an efficiency run: Maya is so powerful she trivializes anything on OP0.
If you’re very familiar with the story already you could just Breakneck it between the missions with unique rewards and leave those poor saps in the dust :acmwink:


Ok thanks :grin:


This, completely. Maya is my favourite.

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