Trouble inputting shift code

So like the title says, I’m having trouble inputting a shift code. Used shift codes on BL2 and TPS hundreds of times, so no clue why it’s going wrong on the remaster.
When I try to input a code on remaster, it only allows me to put in the first part of the code. Will not allow me access to the second-fifth blank boxes. Just toggles from the first code box to the submit button. I’ve tried pressing every button the PS4 has to offer, and also reset my PS4, but no luck.

I did a google search, and haven’t seen this issue anywhere, so I’m hoping it’s just my own stupidity and not a bug. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so, were you able to fix it? Appreciate any feedback.

Try the web version of shift

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You are now my new best friend:) Had no idea I could submit them this way, and so easy to copy and paste them. Made my day, thank you!

They changed the system so you now have to type the entire code (including the dashes) into the first box that appears when you go to enter it.

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