Trouble keeping up the barrier?

So i just saw moxsys update on his chain zane build.
I was allready running an ib/vr artifact before and my barrier would go down quite frequently with 2 points in GM.

He pointed out that GM had diminishing returns, as the skill states, but i never thought much of it. So he only put one point into it, which makes perfect sense.
This freed up one skillpoint for me and then it clicked.
Put it in borrowed time, since it increases max duration and GM restores % of max duration.
After some testing i ended up with 3 points in bt and my barrier would never go down during the takedown, even in between fights and running to the end of the bridge.
Still figuring out the sweetspot tho.
3 points seem exzessive, but 2 points might not be enough.

So if you too have trouble maintaining barrier uptime, i highly suggest experimenting with bt.

Sorry if this is old news but i never see anyone investing in bt, so i just wanted to let you know :slight_smile:

I dunno I always put BT to the max, but I’m a noob with Zane. Even with BT at 5 and GM at 3 I find barrier not so easy to maintain to be honest, not sure what I am doing wrong (although probably the problem is the clone dying), need more playtime with him.

He gets 50% health back instantly if you swap and have “Take a Breather”

Using a Tronfusion would also help him out, but you’d give up other Nades for it.

Or give him a shock shrieking devil and a transformer and he shouldn’t go down any time soon.

Or just go CCC and not worry :smiley:

For CCC you have to spend more points than 1 GM and 3 BT.
Also green tree bad for dps…
I only take confident competence and spend the rest somewhere else.

Yeah that is definetaly not optimized, but as long as you have fun with your build, its cool :slight_smile:
But try out 3 BT and 1 GM, maybe it works for you and you can spend more points somewhere else for more damage ^^

I can run the Band of sitorak with this build and never go down during the takedown. Its really fun!

My DPS is fine with no red tree…

Yes red tree mostly provides additive bonuses, so you surely are not missing out on much!

Nerves of Steel + Executor = sniper freezing maggie/hellwalker and dictator is now a shotgun :slight_smile:

Until you take damage… ^^
I always wondered if ppl would actually use this skill. Never met anyone who does.
I think its the worst T5 skill in the history of borderlands.

Using ice breaker otto idol/salvation help kill 1st part of CCC, static field/ready for action really expensive jacket and frutility belt help against DOT and electric dmg to shield for up time to help keep dmg for Confident Competence up and ccc to proc reset, if not to shields and next freeze to reset.

Edit for spread:

This is the biggest nonsense i have read in months


Sync and donny both are additive bonuses that stack with VM and CC, weap dmg rolls on com & artifact.
Sync 5/5 gives 40%
Donny 5/5 45% with dfc and seein dead.
So yeah, 85%
The only multiplicative is TotL.
Surely he mieses out on dps, but not as much as if he ditched the blue tree.

Sorry if i offended you.

Literally made an account to say thank you! Went from it going down at inopportune times to it not going down unless theirs nothing left to kill.

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What about slaughterstars 3000? Did with this setup it is able to maintaon shieldd between wave in a single round?

The 5 point Borrowed time/ 2 point good Misfortune is pretty much the best way to run Seein dead with perma action skills. CCC is really great until it’s not. What I mean by this is simply Cryo is strong in most situations but those handful of enemies that can’t be frozen or when your fighting bosses it goes from great to useless.

It’s also worth saying like all kill skills with Seein dead the procs of Good Misfortune each pellet you fire has a chance to proc it. So if you use a Maggie you can spam hard on a boss when your low duration to fill yourself right back up. The same thing happens with the use of the Brainstormer when it chains each chain has a chance to proc kills skills. My last tip is the Hex. As people have pointed out the Tesla coils can proc your kills skills to get a reocuring and for you clone or drone and they will maintain for you.

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5 BT and 2 GM are overkill imo.
1 GM is all you need anyway because of the diminishing returns. I did a bit of testing and 2 BT seem to be enough most of the time for me but 3 is a good and comfortabe spot too, so could free up atleast 3 points to invest somewhere else.
7 points for just keeping up the barrier does not seem efficient to me.