Trouble Redeeming the Beta Reward Shift Code? Check These Steps:

First of all, it’s awesome we all pulled together to do this thing. And we get shiny new rewards from it, for Shayne, Benedict and ISIC! But, at first, I was having trouble redeeming the code on PC, but it wasn’t until I checked my SHiFT account that I figured out why. Here are a few troubleshooting solutions to check to make sure you’re able to redeem the code correctly:

  • In today’s hotfix Battleplan, where you can currently find the code initially released at launch, there is stated a prerequisite for redemption:
    "In case you played in the beta but missed it, below is the SHiFT code we released on launch day to allow you to unlock the skins in your Command Menu."
    In this case, if you haven’t played in the Beta, it doesn’t seem that you’re eligible for the code, unfortunately. However, if you DID play in the Beta:

  • Be sure you link the platform on which you participated to your SHiFT account at
    This was the problem I had at first. I’d participated in the Beta on my PS4, but purchased the game for PC through Steam. Because I hadn’t linked my PSN account to SHiFT yet, my PC version didn’t know I’d participated, and so wouldn’t enable the code. Be sure you link all your accounts!

  • Be wary of expiry.
    This code is only set to be active for a set amount of time, so this is for those who find this thread later, after it is no longer redeemable. I’m sorry you missed out on the window of activation, but it was only to last a short while! Gearbox has a habit of inundating their Twitter with SHiFT codes, though, so be sure to follow them @GearboxSoftware for the latest swag. <3

And there you have it! Please enjoy your golden skins! I know I will~