Trouble transferring characters

Hello I have Borderlands 2 on the 360 and I’m trying to transfer my save to the Xbox One Borderlands 2 backwards compatible version and I’m having a hard time getting my level 50 mechromancer to the Xbox One. I’ve read that you need to use the in-game menu and I’ve also heard that you need to use the Xbox 360 transfer to Cloud save. Which one is it for Borderlands 2 and do you have to have only one character at a time?

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Ill give @VaultHunter101 a poke.
He’s pretty knowledgeable about such things.

The in-game option is only for a transfer to the Handsome Collection. In this instance you can upload all saves files on the Xbox 360 to the cloud at once to access them in the backwards compatible version.
Once your Xbox One has connected to the internet, the save files you uploaded to the cloud should be downloaded immediately in the background.

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What @BlackHeartV said is correct. To use your 360 saves with the backwards compatible version of BL2 on XB1, they must be in your 360’s cloud sync folder. This, in turn, means you’ll need XBLive (Gold I think?)

I have my BL1 saves loaded this way, and they’re accessible on both systems. I bought the Handsome Collection for XB1 though, so I used the in-game upload/download menu to transfer them to XB1. (This is a one-way process.)

I have it loaded onto my Xbox 360 cloud storage. I was under the impression that I needed to clear my cloud saves to upload another game save. So I made it back up on a flash drive then deleted everything on the cloud server. I can’t get Borderlands 2 on the Xbox One to show the game save and I have it set to the Cloud Server. I’m able to play the save on the 360 it says on my 360 that it is in the cloud but when I load in Borderlands 2 on the Xbox One it doesn’t show up

  1. You have to have the game in the Cloud Sync folder on your 360
  2. You have to be using the same Gamer Tag on both systems
  3. When you launch the BL2 backwards compatible edition, you should see it first launch the virtual 360 and then sync your storage
  4. The game has to be the same as far as DLC content is concerned on BOTH systems. You may want to check whether or not the DLCs downloaded on the XB1 properly if you also have them on the 360 - sometimes it seems to take a while to properly get all the content on the XB1.

I’m in the middle of cooking right now, but I’ll take a look at my own system once I’m done eating.

Yeah I have all of that right it’s just not showing up

I currently have a lvl 1 axton and a lvl 50 gaige on the cloud

Make sure you sign out of one system before signing in to the other, and only launch BL2 on the XB1 after you’re signed in properly. You can always go back and double check that the saves are still in the cloud sync folder on the 360.

If on the XB1 you highlight the game icon, hit the menu/start button, and choose “Manage”, you should also be able to see how much local storage any synced saves are taking up (you just see a total, unfortunately, not the individual files.)

Has the level 50 Gaige done any of the DLCs in either NVHM or TVHM? What about the other characters that aren’t showing up? If you start the game, do the DLC locations show up in the FT menu at all?

The only one that is showing up is the lvl 1 axton and I have all dlc on both consoles and I looked in the managed it says reserved space 10mb I can play the character on 360 but it’s not even showing up on the one as of right now I’ve only played regular

Odd. I had something like that happen with one of my BL1 files, and it ended up getting over-written. Fortunately I had a backup. If you have backups on the 360 side, I’d suggest moving the files out of the Cloud Sync, restarting, then putting them back again. Make sure you wait for Cloud Sync to finish updating before you do anything though. If that doesn’t work, I’d try the MS support chat - this is more an issue with Cloud Sync than the game itself.

Hello, don’t know if this is the best place to post this but here it goes…

I played bl2 through reverse compatibility on my Xbox one and managed make a zero lvl 50 character. Remembering I had good lvl 50 weapons on my Xbox 360 zerker I attempted a transfer through the cloud. Uploading the zerker to the cloud warned that it would override my zero save game but I shrugged it off thinking the cloud save was just a backup and the actual save would still be on my Xbox one hard drive. Boy was I wrong. The zero account is gone. Is there any way for me to recover him? Thanks for any help

Replied to your other post…