Trouble with Coop mode

Me and my brother just bought the game and wanted to play in coop mode. We set the cooperative loot mode, and party open to only friends. When I try to join his play, the signal that looks like wi-fi with a red X appears, and after a while it says that timeout expired and to check my connection. Anyone has idea on what the hell is wrong?

absolutly the first time trying to connect? did you alt+tab for the firewall settings?

Is not a firewall issue, I searched a matchmaking campaing game and it found 3 other players, so it recognizes I have connection. Am I the only one having trouble trying to start a coop game? :frowning:

you using easyboxes from vodafone?

Nope, my brother isn’t using vodafone neither. When I check my friend list, I see all of my steam contacts, with the steam symbol on the left-bot side of the plate. If I try to join my brother’s game, the wifi X appears. It’s the same sign that appears when you switch to solo local, but I am in open to friends and coop mode. If I send and invite, a pop-up appears on steam-chat window, and same thing happens. Also if my brother does any of this things, the result is the same…

are you both connected in the same way to the internet? (i assume both of you live in the same house)

We live in different houses, each one has his own connection, router etc

Welcome to gearbox not caring about multiplayer issues. Game has been plagued with them since day one without even being addressed by @GBx