Trouble with Follow Your Heart Solo Nisha Level 6 on PC

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Trouble with Follow Your Heart Solo Nisha Level 6 on PC . I’m stuck & would much appreciate experienced players’ guidance please.

I’m at Ozless trying to get to Regolith to complete Janey’s quest but it’s been near-impossible figuring out how to do it.

Efforts to Walk and or Jump from Ozless to Regolith have so far been in vain.
Regolith from Ozless seems impossible on foot and / or by jump - no matter which southerly directions I try, everywhere I go in the effort to go south and get to the Regolith map marker winds up blocked by killing lava flows.

Jumping south to Regolith also has been in vain.
I’ve also been trying for three levels now to figure out a way to get to Regolith by somehow jumping around and or over the very tall Ozless castle building and it’s been impossibly too big / high to jump around / over it.

Driving south to Regolith has also been in vain.
At lvl 6 I’ve also been trying to spawn a Moon Buggy at Ozless station to try driving south to Regolith with no success, The Moon Buggy terminal at Ozless station refuses to show me a dialog box for spawning a car for some frustrating reason so the option to try and drive south to Regolith has also been a fail. Might I need to attain some higher lvl than 6 and if so what higher level will give me that dialog box in order to try and drive? I’ve not yet been offered the option to drive during these first six levels and I’d,love to try driving in TPS.

Pls share a solution(s). Thanks.

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There’s two points you can get from Serenity’s Waste to Regolith Range. You want the one furthest from Janey’s HQ (the east-most side of the map) - it’s the bottom-right exit on the map. You can go straight through the map transition there without having to jump a gap.

It’s possible to jump the gap in Regolith Range immediately after the other gate, but you need to choose the exact right spot (so that your takeoff is from a higher level than your landing). It’s easier coming back the other way, but the same thing applies: scope out the jump first, identify the highest point on the near side and aim for the lowest on the other.

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Many thanks,VH101

Re your para 1. I see the two points on your excellent map. I believe you maybe referring to the point located at your map’s Row BA x Column 20. A transition point is marked there but no save points are apparent therefore I’ll try entering the transit point & hope for the best from there. I’m guessing you’re answering my query about the type of transport to use by recommending I try the trip there by foot. As you’re aware, the transit point given in your map appears to be where I’d generally described it to be on my heads-up display and it’s where I’ve been trying my best to travel so far with no success for the past 3 lvls +/- 10 hrs.

My post’s essential question was ‘but how do I get there, because everytime I’ve tried by foot I’m blocked by lava?’ Anyway I’ll try again this time with the benefit of your map in hand.

Do you recommend the route from Ozless south hugging the coast of Pyroclast Grotto then turning east near the the Vehicle Station / Air Dome continuing ESE to the Regolith Transit Point at latitude BA? This represents my traditional unsuccessful southerly walking route though the farthest south I’ve ever gotten before being killed by lava is around latitude AT x Longitude 13.

Or do you recommend the route from Ozless starting in a NE direction then turning SE toward the island’s easternmost coast finally tuning directly south for the long walk to the Regolith Range transition point? Pls advise.

Re your para 2, this appears to discuss jumping and other strategies for places off the map south of the Regolith Range transition point. Because I’ve never been there or anywhere else that far south, I’m sorry but I don’t yet have any ways of understanding or interpreting your references to things like “gaps” so I’d best leave that alone for now and concentrate on getting down there and finding myself the closest save spot first. Do you know where that fast travel station might be and can you please provide me with the directions to it? This is where I propose saving the game, exiting the game, updating you by further comment to this string to get your next advices and then re-entering the map at that travel station to carry on toward my next goals in concluding Janey’s mission.

PS Re your map’s opposite northern-most end alone on its own island appears to be a city called Concordia - I believe I read something long ago - am guessing it may have been a TPS game review - about it being Janey’s hometown and my destination for meeting her to turn in this mission - can these things be correct? Along that island’s southern coast there is the only “gap” I can see on the whole map and it appears to be a gap that will require crossing by some means - can this be the gap to which you refer?

I apologize for this comment’s length but playing solo it’s the only way I know of remaining focussed on an accurate step-by-step request for assistance and I thank you sincerely for your kind guidance.

-rotter- :slight_smile:

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You can get there on foot for the mission you’re talking about, as well as the main story mission that gets you - ultimately - to Concordia. Just make sure you step into the O2 vents along the way. You can also get O2 from killing Kraggons and smashing rock piles along the way.

  • From the initial spawn point in Janey’s garage, head out and bear right to get to the building you got your Oz kit from
  • Keep heading east with the large lava lagoon on your right
  • Basically follow the map edge around and down to the south-east map exit. There are several “blind alleys”; if you find yourself in one, just double-back and go further right
  • Going through the exit triggers a save point, so if you die during the mission you’ll respawn there
  • If you save and quit, you’ll respawn back in Janey’s garage when you restart

If you have a moon buggy, you can use the first exit and use the “boost” on the buggy to get across the lava gap, although it is tricky as I mentioned before - I’ve died there many times.

BTW, the map is the work of another forum regular. You can find the full set here:

BTW, listen to anything Janey says as you’re going around the map completing missions - she’ll often give you a hint as to how to get to some place. If you still can’t figure out the route to get where you want to go, give me a shout.

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Essentially, once you get through the alley next to that building where you got your first Oz Kit, it’s a pretty straight shot almost directly south to get to the intended exit to Regolith Range. If you have Follow Your Heart set as your active mission, the waypoint on your minimap should point you in the correct direction.

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Many thanks VH101. As promised, here’s an update thanks to your wise counsel. I discovered your use of the word “gap” wasn’t conceptual but rather it’s an actual quote from TPS lol. Apparently, your ref was to the gap at the NW end of Regolith over which the player must leap to reach the Jump Pad. It all became clear in my gameplay of the game’s third mission Marooned. I can now appreciate that you didn’t want to throw me a spoiler that would’ve ruined the fun lol.

I’ve now dispatched Deadlift, thanked him for the drops (Vandergraften, Nisha’s Where You Go Indigo skin & Janey’s key to unlock TPS’ vehicular transportation) and am off to try and find the Moon Zoomy station - driving will be a relief!

Nisha’s now lvl 10 and her slots have begun filling up with an early sketch of a Sheriff. I’ll come back to the Forum seeking further thoughts and guidance once a full report with links to her early items and build is prepared. .

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Glad you figured it out - it’s a fun game.

Wait until you find the real gap I was referring to - on your way back to Janey’s! Remember what I said about using boost and lining up your jump right: high point to low point

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Found it a-ha!

Sorry for delay getting back but your original advices really helped take me all the way up to TVHM level 40 where I am now. Up-dated build -

Next few levels I intend to continue building down Riflewoman through 5 in Tombstone which will be a relief. Then back to fill in all three branches wherever I’ve missed or want to bulk up some useful skills. It really does make a lot more sense building out Order & Riflewoman branches first as your guide suggested & I’m now seeing first-hand. I’ll get to Fan the Hammer eventually but I no longer see it as a priority. So far as collecting good loot, TPS is so different than the strategies we used in BL1 & BL2 - specifically, it’s the first game where the vendors are offering so many very attractive legendaries that I can’t afford, it’s driving me crazy! And the difference between their extreme costs versus the maximum amounts of dollars I’ve ever had available is huge so I can’t be the first to ask - where do I find all this money so I can try some of this stuff that I’d love to buy? Any banks to rob? Or etc? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Excellent! Did you take in either the Holodome or Claptastic Voyage between NVHM and TVHM, or are you saving them for later?

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I’ve tried both but really love the content on Claptastic so have spent a lot more time discovering new things there - for me it’s up there with Tina’s dlc from BL2 in terms of overall great quality - I love the effort they put into developing Glitch weapons & the outrageously funny references & gameplay. I can’t find much that’s nice to say about Holodome so I won’t try but it’s hard to rationalize its purpose as a dlc - GBX insured we’d all buy it by grafting onto it the level cap increase & some attractive items but there’s no new story content in the dlc - it’s just the SOSDD type of slaughterdome arena match we’ve played throughout BL & other series for years :sleeping: I don’t mind their including arenas in the games if they really feel they’re so much fun but to release a dlc whose whole purpose is an arena seems kinda lazy of GBX - would’ve preferred to see them include the Holodome in the base game.

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IMO claptastic voyage is better than assault on dragon keep. Even with the nasty treatment claptrap will still say “they’re my friends” if ask to betray them.

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And you might have the opportunity once again to betray them or to say “they’re my friends” in BL3 from what I’ve heard (or maybe not … lol).