Trouble with live chat from loading screen

I have Xbox one. My headset works and mic is fine . I cannot chat but hear fine. On the loading screen of borderland 2 I notice next to my gamer tag there is a speaker indicator that has a red x on it. I cannot find anywhere to remove that but at the same time my console shows mic active. Am I missing something somewhere. I am starting to feel really dumb and agravted. Gearbox told me to check some things and I did so I sent a screenshot then they said ask the community. Anyone smart enough to help an old fart out. I play with my son but he is in the same boat. Other co op games the mic is great it just has out witted me.Uploading…

Check your privacy settings on your profile. XB1 has more options than 360, and it’s possible for them to cause the side effects you’re observing. One thing you’ll also find is that if you back out to poke around in the system, the chat icon in-game disconnects even if everything is working. It’s weird.

Could one of the @moderators move this thread into XB1 tech support, since it’s not really a general game issue but platform-specific?

Sure it can be moved. New to this I was not sure where to post a question. Thanks for the advice I will try it.