Troubles with Gearbox store

can anyone explain why gearbox is only selling We happy Few stuff? I am looking to browse and possibly purchase, but I can only see We Happy Few. Why am I not able to see anything else?



We Happy Few is life. It’s all you need.

Really: we have some changes to the store in the works that we should be sharing soon! :slight_smile:


Well at least it’s showing something other than “revamp in progress check back later”, which is what it was the last time I checked!

@Noelle_GBX - thanks for the info. Hopefully @MereAtGBX is cooking up some nice goodies for us.


Cough cough



Now this is just me speculating, but it may be altering/updating the online store (and inventory) to prepare for whatever is on the horizon.

Saw something of the sort occur between BL2 and BLTPS, although to a lesser scale, if I recall. No need to fret. There will be plenty of Lands to Border in the future, and merchandise to go with it.


I’m doing my best to counter my spontaneity. I am currently online searching for the Clap Trap Bottle Opener that I MUST have. :blush:

I would prefer to send my cash to gearbox, but at the moment it’s looking like amazon or an equivalent. :sweat_smile:

ha ha, I’ve baited you. now, you must have it too. bwahahahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe it’s Karma. I just had one today for playing a mobile game. I should’ve taken a screenshot of it but the message was meant for me and the few based on our beliefs. Or I could be over thinking on this one. My critical thinking tends to have it’s pros and cons.



Dangit… I don’t even open bottles and I want one!!!


So, I wanted to get on here sooner and post something, but… the new iteration of our store has arrived! Gearbox Loot is currently “in beta”, which means we’re pretty sure its not perfect yet, but we are planning on iterating and, hopefully, improving quickly. We are actively seeking feedback on any part of the experience, and there’s a contact form on the site where you can place that feedback. (We are also monitoring forums, social, etc. with the help of our community team, but contact form is the best way to ensure store team sees your thoughts quickly. )

BTW - we do have a new web address for the store, but intent is to have all old store links redirecting… so if you see one that isn’t, please let me know.

There is a VOD up at which has a lot of info about the store and its concept as well. (It also has me totally ruining an unboxing, so please enjoy my shame…)

Probably the most noticeable thing that’s different about this store vs the previous is that we are featuring limited time Collections. These will be sets of items built around a theme that are available for a limited time only, and in some cases, limited by quantity. (In some cases, we will even have one-of-a-kind items that there is literally only one of.) There will be a new Collection on the first Wednesday of every month, and occasionally we’ll do a bonus one for a special occasion. I’m really excited about this concept because it will allow us to be more experimental with products, to do items that can’t be truly mass produced, and to make things that are really special and specific to a moment in time. If you want to know about these things first, there’s an email sign up on the site as well. (Even if you already get Gearbox emails, please sign up - we want to get all of the store info to the people who are most interested first.)

We also are doing typical store inventory that is always there for the buying - we call these “Always-On” items. We’re adding new product all the time, both through Collections and also for Always-On. I want to get our selection significantly expanded from what it is now. (Actually there will prob never come a point where I, personally, think its enough. When it comes to clothes and merch I think more is not enough. :wink: There are some really cool designs that are finishing up right now… but I can’t spoil them for you just yet.

A general note on product that was in the previous store -
That store was run by a previous partner, and many of those designs were created by that team. Unfortunately, for most of those products, I don’t have the files or tooling to recreate them. (There was a gap between the close of our old store and my moving into the licensing role and becoming responsible for the store - some of these files just did not survive or are not currently locate-able at any rate.) And on most of the items we (Gearbox specifically, not the store partner) did not have much or any stock in hand at store close.)

So sadly, the chances of those exact products returning, in general, are slim. The glimmer of hope I can offer: if at some point I happen to find a stash of a few extra of an item around the office or in our storage, the limited time/inventory model of the new store allows us to sell what we do have, even if its only a few. But that is not something you should necessarily expect for a certain item, its more like… if it happens, consider it a happy surprise.

However… if there is something that you missed last time that you really liked, let us know. If there’s a lot of demand for something we may be able to make a similar product.